Synqit – Import your Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook contacts into Skype

Synqit is a software that allow you to import your important Contacts from various address book such as Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo!, Plaxo, MemoToo and also from your own Mobile phones diary into Skype.


The trial version of this software is limited by importing the first fifteen contacts of your Address Book.

If you use Skype regularly for a long period of time for PC to phone calls, and if you ever wish to store all of your phone numbers in various sources into Skype you can use this software which will easily help you to do the work efficiently.

Physical copying is a long, time consuming and boring; set in Skype import do not bring in the phone numbers. Synqit reduces the time of the user by importing the contacts from different address catalogs into the Skype.

With almost no trouble you can use the SkypePhone and make SkypeOut calls quickly, and also do conferencing, text forwarding through SMS over the Skype by way of all of your contacts which is been stored in various sources.

The import of your contacts becomes smoother from various address sources by using the Synqit as it is designed as per your requirement.

It also supports supplementary import sources, for example cellular phones, Plaxo. Synqit changes the local telephone numbers into the worldwide format as per the requirement of the Skype and also helps to recognize the various phone types such as Mobile, Work, and Home etc.

The present Synqit execution helps in importing the contacts form the under mentioned sources:

  • Google Apps and Gmail : import Google Apps and Gmail contacts directly into Skype. Contacts are easily imported from the IPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry into the Skype with the aid of Synqit and Gmail.
  • Microsoft Outlook : Outlook even imports the contacts into the Skype from any Public or Personal Outlook folder, Mailbox.
  • Yahoo : Even the contacts of the Address Book of Yahoo! can be imported into the Skype.
  • Cell phone & mobile contacts : Through the use of Synchronization server mobile contacts are imported.
  • Plaxo : The contacts of the Plaxo are even into the Skype
  • Several phone numbers are imported for a a single contact – i.e., it is possible to import all the phone numbers. It is convenient to skip the fax numbers. For only a single contact each numbers are imported.
  • Phone numbers of all different types are supported such as Mobile, Home etc. – Importation of certain phone numbers is made in parenthesis.
  • Numbers are imported in non-international format – There is automatic conversion of phone numbers to the international format from the given type by the Skype.
  • Even the importation of certain company names is possible provided the contact names are full empty and is well supported.
  • Contacts can be imported from a group of specified contact.
  • Provision of support for the extension of phone numbers – It is the facility of Synqit to enable the cut off certain extensions of phone number.
  • Importation is also possible from different folders of contacts – The importation of phone numbers is done by Synqit from any Public or Personal Outlook folder, Mailbox, and not only from the Contacts of the Mailbox folder.

Download : Synqit


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