Syncany – open source cloud storage and file sharing application

Syncany is the latest term that is coming up recently. So, it has become necessary to know what Syncany is all about. Syncany is nothing but an open source cloud storage and file sharing application that provides huge storage space for storing wide range of data as well as file sharing application.


It is also used to store the backup data and certain folders that they are using in their respective workstations with the explicit use storage of any kind be it Amazon S3, Google Storage or FTP.

The basic idea of Syncany is very similar to JungleDisk and Dropbox, Thus, Syncany is an open-source with the explicit facility of the provision of data encryption and as well as increased flexibility with respect to provider and storage type:

  • Data encryption: Local encryption of the files is done by Syncany, in-order to certify that even sensitive and confidential data can be used for online storage.
  • Arbitrary storage: Syncany provides a system of storage that is plug-in based. Any type remote storage also works equally well with Syncany.

Syncany provides an open-source and helpers are needed for assistance. Launchpad can be used for the purpose of checking codes. The several things that you can do with Syncany are given below:

  • The mailing list of the Launch pad developer can be signed up very efficiently.
  • The Development file is used for checking the code that has been used for generating information.
  • Debugging and Review of the code is possible over and over again.
  • You can easily write the Mac/ Windows parts

You will have to go through the development file in-order to test the version containing the current file of Syncany.

Features of Syncany

  1. Local Folder : Local folder are used for the purpose of storage. This includes network file systems (NFS), any file system that is virtual and mounted device.
  2. FTP : FTP folder is used for sharing files between two or more devices through networks.
  3. IMAP : IMAP folder is used for the purpose of remote storage. The files are stored in chunks in the form of e-mail attachments.
  4. Google Storage : A service known as Google Storage is used for storing the rich repository of data.
  5. Amazon S3 : A Storage Service known as the Amazon is used for the purpose of remote storage and it is very simple.
  6. Stores huge Clouds of Files : Container known as Cloud Files are used as remote storage.
  7. WebDAV : Only one folder is used as the remote storage in the WebDAV.
  8. Albums of the Picasa Web : A Picasa album is used as the storehouse for storing images in chunks in the form of files.
  9. Windows Share : The Windows share is used for storing the repository of data.
  10. : The folder provides the place for the storage of data.
  11. SFTP/SSH : An SFTP folder is used for the purpose of data storage.

Syncany is the latest development that provides huge storage device for storing huge volumes of data. It basically provides a huge storage media for the store of data and it also enables data encryption.

Download : Syncany


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