Streber – The Best & Free wiki Based project management tool

Streber is powerful wiki driven project management software which is web based and runs on the net office concept. This project management system is completely open source in nature.

Streber wiki driven project management

The content of the platform is primarily contributed by few of the interested developers and it is those developers only who use the project management tools of Streber to suffice their own needs.

Streber is completely free of any cost and is driven by the wiki platform. This management tool is written in the widely used PHP 5 base.

Small teams and mainly freelancers can effortlessly arrange projects and maintain a track of issues, bugs, tasks, efforts etc. You will also have the ability of adjusting Project usage rights.

In simple words Streber is everything about exchange of significant information amongst your team and also between your clients. The basic requirement of Streber is that it has to be installed on a server, be it your local company server on the internet.

It is extremely cost friendly too as the rate of ISP’s is as low as only 4 euros a month. With any File Transfer client or a FTP client, you transfer all the files onto your server and set write authorization for each of your uploaded directories.

After that just use your browser to install the Streber through your domain. Thereafter you will only have to provide few basic information for your database and some few other settings.

After completing the required fields, the installation would be completed automatically and you can continue with the effective management tool.

Features of Streber

  1. It is completely free and open source in nature.
  2. You won’t be required any strict technical knowhow to install and use Streber. It has a very user friendly interface that is enough to guide its users.
  3. You will have the ease of navigating with the keyboard and a special feature allows you to have the menu options with just a click of the right button of your mouse button.
  4. You will have the ability of assigning roles for each specified project.
  5. Options of user rights is also available that may be customized for every user.
  6. You can also keep a track of any addition of member or project changes etc..
  7. Tasks will be grouped under categories and labels
  8. Tasks will also have the option of grouping in hierarchical order
  9. Tasks can contain required tasks.
  10. Companies, organizations and people can be tagged to the various tasks
  11. You will also be receiving notification mails on any changes on the portal. With this you can keep a track of everything, any minute changes will also be kept in track.

Therefore Streber has all such effective project management tools that will help any organization to successfully implement its project management skills.

It is absolutely free of cost and above all it is an open source platform. You may ask any of the active developers to provide you any help if you face any problems. Thus Streber is a must try tool.

Download : Streber


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