Stacks – Group task management made simple

Stacks is a simple Group task management tool that allow you to Visualize individual and team workload without losing speed or accountability.

Stacks Group task management

The workload of the team can be seen by all the users just by giving a mere glance and it can be even done on an individual basis.

The information’s are available immediately as well as easily. The appearance of stack images in red as well as in green color signifies the status of work for each and every individual user.

It enables other to see which user is overloaded with work while who is free to work more on the given tasks. Tasks can be assigned to several users through the use of Stacks and even responses are received using the same.

An alert in being received by the user to which the user can even respond in case of conflicting schedule or several other issues that are related to the assignment of tasks. The focus of Stacks lies on its transparency.

The work of the entire team can be seen by the users and nothing is hidden from them that may hamper the progress of the project. Imulus created the Software “Stacks” that is itself an agency for interactive design.

The management of tasks is done in a unique manner by the Stacks. Now it’s mostly use in several industries as well as in businesses. The use of visual style through the use of “stacks” makes this application so special.

The capacity of any user can be easily visualized through its use. It is used to judge whether any user is free to take any more work or is that person already loaded with tasks.

Dates as well as individuals can be easily seen by the users through the use of Stacks as it pretty well organized. The stack icons in red as well as in green color help the users to see the work load of others.

Features of Stacks

  1. Visualize and Filter the Workload : The workload of everyone can be easily seen with the aid of a mere glance through the use of Stacks. Nothing is hidden from the user and the Gantt charts are also easy to understand without any complication.
  2. Easy to Assign Tasks and Get Responses : Stacks solve the problems easily that a user may face while using the accountability of Email.
  3. View and make changes instantly : Stacks gives everyone the ability to work without limits: prioritize, reassign, and give status updates without the hassle.
  4. Visually and Logically simple design.

The use of Stacks is ideal for those visualized people who want to monitor the tasks of a team continuously. Tasks can be assigned and well as other users can also be added through the use of Stacks.

Any organization or business will certainly make a big benefit by using Stacks as they will get the chance to monitor task completion or the progress of the tasks.

Download : Stacks


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