Splashup- Online image editing software and photo manager

Splashup is an interesting, easy-to-use and effective photo or image editing software. It allows you create images, or edit previously taken pictures. It has a vast array of usable tools and buttons that gives you the liberty to make your photo look the way you want it to. You can keep more than one project open simultaneously and edit them.

Splashup image editing software

After editing, you can save your project in the known image formats like Jpeg or PNG. Splashup also links with the most popular online image and picture sharing websites like Flickr and Facebook, and thus, allows you to share your work with your friends, colleagues and clients.

Just like the other popularly used photo editing tools, Splashup also promises an intelligent workspace where you can turn amateur photos into mystical marvels of art with the help of a couple of buttons. Most web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc. are compatible with Splashup.

So no matter what internet web browser you have, you can safely and easily use Splashup on it. Splashup also lets you create multiple layers for a single image, thus rendering your editing more specific and accurate. For example, on creating two layers, one for the foreground and one for the background, you can edit either of them without the other coming in the way. Splashup stores its project in its own format so that you can edit the photo whenever and however you want.

Once you’re done, you can save it as a normal Jpeg or PNG file as well. The thus saved pictures can then be used and shared just like any other picture. Moreover, you can directly link Splashup with image uploading sites like Flickr so that the pictures edited there are directly uploaded on the site as per your choice. Splashup also allows you to set the exact pixel level of your picture. So, if you want a high resolution picture, you can set the pixel level accordingly.

Features of Splashup

  1. Splashup’s picture sharing feature lets you upload pictures directly from Splashup to Facebook, Flickr, etc. An image browsing window pops up first. Then you can choose from the available websites with which Splashup is linked and upload.
  2. Multiple images can be opened and edited at the same time. The one which you are currently working on remains on the foreground, while the other open projects are sent to the background. You can go to them by merely clicking on them.
  3. You can create and blend layers to your liking. Once two layers are created, you can edit them individually. After that, you can blend the two together for the perfect edit. Blending options available are more than one.
  4. You can add effects to the created layers. Options like “drop shadow” and “glow” greatly change the texture of your image.
  5. Splashup has a number of very effective Filters that change the quality of your image with the click of a button. You can sharpen, increase or decrease the contrast and color of your picture to give it a fresh and sharp look.
  6. Numerous brushes for painting and filling are available on Splashup. You can also download different brushes if you want even more versatility.
  7. Splashup can also capture images if you have a webcam, and then edit it.

With so much to offer to make your image look professional, and also with a reliable and relaxing work environment, Splashup proves to be a good choice for photo editors.

Download : Splashup online image editing software


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