Manage school or college assignments with Soshiku

Soshiku is a tool, which is used to manage assignments. This tool is effective in managing and keeping track of your assignments and your important work. The tool also keeps track of your assignments and helps you manage them effectively at ease. You can schedule the work efficiently and set reminders for the work important for you.


The application lets you set reminders for the assignments, which are urgent and needed to be sent urgently. The application has a good home page adorned with different sectors and bars where you can set your assignments and the calendar where you can keep the scheduled assignment record.

This will facilitate you to get the information regarding when which assignment needs to be sent and accordingly will remind you. As such, you can easily send the articles on time without any hassle. When you log in the application, you can easily see the overdue and scheduled documents and then send them on time without forgetting about them. You can also view the most urgent and recent tasks to be completed soon. Incase you need to search the assignment; you can search it through the search tool and get the assignment accordingly.

With the Soshiku tool, you can also schedule the assignments according to the courses. You can make tag bars of the different courses and then sort out the assignments in the courses tag. You need to sort out the assignment to the course tool bar to get the assignment easily when you need it.

The assignments you can also label them as per the designation and specification. Apart from that, you can also schedule a color code for the assignments and the course bars when you want the assignments easily. The color code will help you to easily get the assignments at ease without any difficulty. You can also attach important notes, files and documents to the assignments.

As such, you will also get the important note which may be encoded in the document and review the important asks if any attached to the assignment. Apart from that, you can attach files and information tags and links for your benefit and easy access to help you describe and define the assignment more properly.

You can set these assignments with your friends and scheduled tasks and other related assignments to your friends. The feature also lets you chat with your friends very effectively and easily. You can add messages and email alerts for your friends to send information to them without any difficulty. You can easily ad your friends and partners to this feature and keep the updated about your activities and assignment reports. You can together with your friends work on an assignment and make it completely ready with the help of your colleagues.

Features of Soshiku

  1. Free – this product is free and you just need to sign up to use this product effectively.
  2. Easy Contact – you can add assignments from your mobile phone effectively without having to log into your computer. You can also keep alert regarding any assignment through the phone.

With this application, you can make sure your assignments reach their required place on time without you having anything to worry about.

Download : Soshiku


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