SOGO – open source groupware suite for Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal/iPhone and BlackBerry users

Are you looking for a Groupware Server to offer your user an uniform interface? Sogo is here to put an end to your search for a comprehensive Groupware Server. SOGO is a totally supported and secured groupware server. SOGO is here to take your infrastructure to new heights. It has become immensely popular. It acts from the middle of your servers and presents to your users an uniform and an all-round interface to access their information. It is being widely used in production environments where many thousand users are engaged.


If you are wondering what makes SOGO stand out from other software’s like Microsoft Exchange or Zimbra here is your answer. SOGO and all its related components come free of cost and recognized under the GPL (or LGPL/MPL). Its free version does not have limited capacities like the rest usually cost you between 44,000 $US and 105,000 $US per year for licensing. You do not need to install complex MAPI connectors to use Microsoft Outlook.

SOGO brings with it a consistent environment with Mozilla Thunderbird and Lightning. It has a fast and precise AJAX-based web interface. Its speed can be attributed to an effective and well-distributed cache mechanism. SOGO supports CalDAV, CardDAV, CalDAV auto-scheduling, WebDAV Sync, WebDAV ACLs and more. SOGO can act as transparent Calendar and Contacts Server using Apple Extensions and it also requires minimum hardware footprint. SOGO can reuse your current services like Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP, your SQL database or IMAP server. This makes SOGO less time consuming. SOGO specializes in migration scripts from existing solutions. SOGO comes as a package for multiple operating systems such as Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS. Its upgradation process is simple and easy.

Features of SOGO

SOGO has all the features to meet the demands of the increasing user base.

  1. Web Interface : SOGO has Lightweight AJAX interface which is available in over a dozen languages. It has a contemporary look. It supports all modern Web browsers. It has single sign-on capabilities using CAS, WebAuth or Kerberos.
  2. Desktop Clients : SOGO allows perfect amalgamation with desktop clients through Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal and Address Book.
  3. Mobile Devices : SOGO has allowed data access to travel beyond the web and native interfaces. SOGO supports almost every mobile devices such as Apple iPhone, Google Android devices, Windows Mobile phones and BlackBerry devices and SyncML. Currently over 2 billion phones are supported by SOGO.
  4. Server : SOGO server primarily deals with trouble-free deployment with the help of standard operating system packages or Zero Effort Groupware Appliance. SOGO has a unique horizontal architecture to allow more servers to be easily added. SOGO allows components reusability. DAV can access everything from calendars, address books to mails. This gives SOGO its interoperable nature with third party applications. It is easy to maintain through a templates-driven approach.
  5. Support : The SOGO solution has a firm support system by Inverse, which aids global clients with commercial support.

The Sogo solution uses tried and tested technologies. This helps your infrastructure to be built easily. SOGO assures you the best results.

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