socialcast – Enterprise social collaboration and Microblogging platform

In today’s fast working pace it is important to come up with fast and effective ways to work in a team efficiently and for that remaining in proper contact in an integrated manner is very important.

Socialcast Enterprise social collaboration

SocialCast is a social collaboration and Microblogging platform that helps you to maintain connectivity among co workers at any time from any place and also provides all the adequate information required for increased productivity.

Hence, SocialCast is simple software built up to integrate company workers for teamwork where they will be provided with accurate data and suitable work environment.

It also accelerates your work all over with its accurate data resources and prompt communication facilities.

As you deploy SocialCast software for your company you will be up dated regarding even the smallest of details related to your project including even the smallest of ideas by any co worker or data inclusion or rejection by any.

You are provided with a complete office environment even though you might be miles away from all of your colleagues.

When workers are well aware of every single move taking place around them, they get a boost to work harder and faster. This results in improved product quality and higher returns.

Hence, it is recommended that for faster and developed communication and commercial purposes you should opt for SocialCast and in the course transform your company into a brooder of teamwork.

SocialCast services have been made keeping in mind the features that might be most useful for you. SocialCast has three categories of features depending on its plan status, basic, premium or premium extensions. These include:

Features of SocialCast

  1. SocialCast is embedded with a special feature of activity stream engine that stores and manages the huge pile of information that any company requires today for developed trade methods. It is most important nowadays and with this activity structure all your relevant information is locked up in a central system.
  2. SocialCast Reach creates networks within your company that can be integrated with your existing apps for business enhancement.
  3. You have the scope to invite people other than your co workers to be a part of your community as well.
  4. Analytical power of your company network can be measured too.
  5. Amalgamation of 2010, 2007 and 2003 versions of Outlook is possible.
  6. You can put up messages, comments and ideas for public viewing using SocialCast.
  7. You can gather all your team members and executives for meetings through SocialCast.
  8. For management of the features included in the premium plan you can set up your members with specific roles.
  9. Be well aware of every member’s profile and roles in your company.
  10. You are allowed to execute polls for collaborative decision making on some idea in SocialCast.
  11. The SocialCast WebPart enables communication to be pressed to Share Point for the accumulation of important data and connectivity among the business community.
  12. You can just start using SocialCast by downloading it without the requirement of a web browser.

Download : socialcast


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