Skylight – The Best Business Management Software for Great Teams

Skylight is one of the best business management software that coordinates your employees and workflow. This software is user-friendly with simple features that enable anyone to use it.

You can access Skylight from your office and when you are on the go. This software gives your business an edge over your competitors in the market. It has everything you need for complete handling of your business.

A few features are not useful and lead to cluttering and make it complicated.


Skylight takes care of your projects, contacts, resources, accounts, and important files while you can focus on the mainstay of your business. All information regarding your business is stored safely with Skylight.

Skylight is in its beta stage and is still being developed. However, it has five free, freelance, small, medium, and large versions.

All these versions are currently available free of cost for a limited time, i.e., only in their beta phase. Skylight is versatile and suited for various business sectors. Skylight does not require logging in and thus saves your time.

There are no long-term contracts involved with subscriptions for Skylight. You can make short-term payments and stop using it wherever you want to. You need a Google Apps account to avail the features of Skylight.

Features of Skylight

  1. It is an online tool and does not require any download or installation.
  2. You can filter your data and categorize your projects, contacts, and accounts. Then, you can refer to this well-organized set of data whenever required. For example, you can create custom groups of contacts who can only view certain categories of files.
  3. Skylight integrates the Google Docs app. You can attach relevant Word or Excel documents or insert images in JPEG, GIP, and PNG formats to make data stored more comprehensible. You can also import Google Doc files.
  4. The CRM feature of Skylight keeps you updated about the latest developments related to your contacts. You can track files relevant to each contact. You can maintain contact with your customers using Skype, Twitter, IM, and any other social networking.
  5. Skylight has a dynamic dashboard that gives an overview of the latest developments of your business. It allows simple dragging and dropping of widgets. In addition, you can work directly from your dashboard.
  6. Project management is accomplished through a calendar that helps you maintain deadlines.
  7. Resource scheduling is another important feature of Skylight. Using this software, you can manage your company resources like laptops, cars, conference rooms, etc.
  8. You can assign tasks to your contacts and set a timer to record the time required to finish them. This time is added up as part of a whole project.
  9. You can create invoices and manage purchase orders and price quotes using Skylight.

A skylight is a comprehensive tool for the complete management of your business. It is a great time saver. It delivers the best results. Its efficiency has attracted a large number of users around the world. It ensures complete satisfaction from its users.

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