Skyfire – Mobile Web Browser for Android and iOS devices

Mobile Web Browser for Android and iOS devices

Skyfire is a Award winning mobile web browser for the Social Networking Generation. It help user to play millions of flash videos that otherwise don’t work on any iPhone or other mobiles.

Even User can also access the web that have not been optimized for iPhone such as live streaming video (breaking news, sports, concerts & more), South Park, The Daily Show, niche websites, and many more.

Skyfire mobile browser

With easy to use user interface and smart navigation, Skyfire stands ahead of its competitors in providing seamless connectivity. The user interface of this mobile browser has a very clean and neat with dark background colors to appeal the users.

it has unique feature which called as a User Agent Switching that allow you to load web pages as either traditional Android or iPhone user agent or as a desktop browser.

The Desktop browser option give you more flexibility in browsing web sites and allow you to discover new video content which is not available on the mobile site.

Skyfire also supports windows and Symbian mobile OS. The user gets a full-featured mobile web browser along with built-in JavaScript, Silverlight and Flash support.

It also have the zoom option, so that the user can easily get a closer view of the whole page or can read the texts easily.

Features of Skyfire

  1. Mobile web Browser for smartphone – Skyfire is an easy to use mobile web browser made for every types smartphones and supports Windows and Symbian mobile OS.
  2. Smart and user-friendly interface – The Mobile web browser has a smart layout with user-friendly interface which makes it one of the most popular browsers among the mobile phone users.
  3. No need to have a mobile version of a site – SkyFire give you the freedom to view and navigate websites without using the mobile version.
  4. Easy to navigate – The mobile web browser make it easy for navigation through the web pages by simple single button operations. There is a search term icon on the bottom that helps in streamlined searching. While you search for a word, you will get results in trends, images, tweets and videos. Clicking the ‘all’ icon includes the top listed search URL into easy browsing view.
  5. User Agent Switching – The mobile web browser help in making the toggling easy within desktop and iPhone view. Set the application on a desktop view and feel the ease of viewing your web pages like in your desktop.
  6. Zoom the web pages – You can easily zoom the web pages to see the whole of web page or read the text clearly by a single tap on a button. The touch screen mobile users only click the area on their screen to zoom.
  7. Built-in cache- The built-in cache enables to store cookies and recent history of the browsing data so that the user can easily keep a track of past browsed pages.
  8. Set a home page – Skyfire gives an option to set a particular site as a home page or default start page.
  9. Support for Flash Videos – Play unlimited number flash videos while saving upto 75% of your video data usages.
  10. Facebook Quickview
  11. Fireplace reader to combined, filtered list of your Facebook and twitter feeds.
  12. Twitter Quickview
  13. Support for Related videos widget that give you related videos based on the page and content you are browsing.

Skyfire gives the smartphone users a freedom to browse from anywhere and enables with easy to navigate features. Unlike other mobile browsers, Skyfire helps in making internet surfing a wonderful experience for the mobile users.

Download : Skyfire


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