The 10 Best Siri Alternative Apps for Android

Apple recently launches the fifth generation of the iPhone, named the iPhone 4S. The new iPhone 4S has so many new and exclusive features. One of them is “Siri,” A voice-controlled virtual personal assistant that allows you to use your voice to send messages and email, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more.

Siri Alternative Apps for Android

If you are an Android user and looking for perfect Siri alternative Apps for your Android smartphone, then here are ten useful Android Alternative Apps for Siri.

Vlingo Virtual Assistant

Vlingo Virtual Assistant for Android

Vlingo Virtual Assistant is the best alternative apps for Siri on Android compared to other voice-based Virtual Assistants. It gives you Siri-like functionality on your android phone. Just speak your query to Vlingo, and it will help you to solve our question.

Users can send text and emails without using the keypad, voice dial, search the web, find near local restaurants, hospitals, shops, and other businesses. Get perfect route directions, also update your Facebook status and send a tweet, etc. – Vlingo Virtual Assistant

JARVIS – Text ‘n Drive Robot

jarvis Siri for Android

Jarvis – text ‘n’ drive robot help you to stay connected with your text messages. When you receive a new text message in your inbox, it will automatically speak the incoming text message and also allow you to reply using voice commands. With the JARVIS text ‘n ‘drive robot, the user can answer or Ignore incoming phone calls with a voice command. – JARVIS – Text ‘n Drive Robot

Risi Beta Lite

Risi Beta Lite for Android

Risi Beta Lite is a Siri alternative apps for Android. It’s a fully-featured voice recognition and answering apps for Android, just like Siri’s work on iPhone. It is available in both free and paid versions. The free version is ad-supported and lacks location services.

It’s still in the Beta version and getting more improvement day by day. Currently, Risi Lite only supports the English language. Users can ask for help by just saying ‘Help,’ and you’ll get options. – Risi Beta Lite

Speaktoit Assistant

Speaktoit Assistant for Android

Speaktoit Assistant is a personal voice-based virtual Assistant for your smartphone. The app answers all your questions, performs tasks, notifies you about an important event, and searches for information on the web for you.

You can also launch Apps on your Android phone by using natural language technology. No need to learn any special commands or complicated UI. Just speak or type your query in daily use languages. Speaktoit Assistant quickly understands and responds with your Answer. – Speaktoit Assistant

Voice Actions for Android

Voice Actions for Android

Voice Actions for Android allow you to control your android phone by just talking. Users can easily send text and email messages, listen to Music, get proper navigations, call their contacts and businesses, easily view maps, launch their favorite website, and write a note using their voice. – Voice Actions

Skyvi for Android

skyvi siri like assistant for android

Skyvi is an Android personal digital Assistant that provides information from local businesses to food nutrition. Also, the user can easily update their Facebook status and tweet their messages using their voice. – Skyvi

Andy – Siri for Android

Andy - Siri for Android

Andy is also a new Siri alternative Apps for Android that gives you a perfect answer to your every question. It’s a voice based access to important information on a vast array of topics. When you ask some questions to Andy Android Apps, it will recognize your voice and reply, search the web for perfect answers and read it back to you in a clear view. – Andy – Siri for Android


IRIS for Android

iris is a simple voice-based virtual assistant for Android that gives you every piece of information on topics ranging from Mozart to stock prices.

It’s not a perfect Siri alternative apps for Android because it only gives an ideal answer for more straightforward and non-math queries. – iris

EVA Intern Voice Assistant App

EVA Intern - 10 Best Siri Alternative Apps for Android

EVA Intern is a Fully featured virtual voice assistant for Android.


  1. create location-based reminders.
  2. Custom application shortcuts.
  3. Get proper directions with Google Maps
  4. making calls
  5. managing contact groups, and list
  6. send and receive text messages and email
  7. update your Facebook status and tweet your information by using your natural voice.

EVA Intern

Edwin Speech-to-Speech Android App

10 Best Siri Alternative Apps for Android

Edwin Speech to Speech virtual voice Assistant improves your voice commands and instantly replies to your queries. Users can tweet, text, translate and make calls by voice. To use Edwin’s speech to the speech Voice assistant, you need to downloads and installed SpeechSynthesis Data, and TTS Extended apps first on your mobile. – Edwin, Speech-to-Speech

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