Simplenote – note-taking app for your iPhone and iPad

Jotting your notes has been one of the most important functionalities of an iPhone or an iPad. Simplenote is one such application that helps you to take down all your important notes in a simpler and easier fashion.


What makes Simplenote so popular is due to the fact of its user friendly interface. Apart from the main text or diagram editing area, there are only two more windows avoiding the complexities of other functional tools. The two windows are the options panel and the home screen. Your home screen will have the search bar along with the file viewer option, the options screen provide you with the all important sync option and also the online server with which you have to link up your iPhone with the Simplenote account.

Simplenote is extremely simple in appearance but at the same time it is very effective. Apart from other options, Simplenote provides two simple buttons of mailing your all important notes and the button to move the note to the trash. To further relieve the complications no highly developed formatting options are provided neither it has any metadata field. Thus overall it has a really simple approach and allows every user to get the best out of it.

Features of Simplenote

  1. Gain the ability to access your notes from anywhere : With Simplenote you will have the benefit of accessing your notes from any corners of the world via the web.
  2. Publishing and Sharing : Share your important or unique notes with your peers and families or even publish something important when you wish everyone to check your note.
  3. Easy to restore Backups : You can create numerous backups and search through them whenever you require anything important from it. All you have to do is just use the version slider option and just drag it to visit your backups.
  4. Systematize using pins and tags : You can assign tags to the notes of yours so that you can easily look through them as folders and even pin your notes as per your importance hierarchy.
  5. Instantaneously search your notes : Simplenote comes with an effective search engine that allows you to search for your notes instantly without any hesitation. So now you would never miss out any of your important notes.
  6. Enjoy abundance of space : You will virtually have an unlimited amount of space to store all your important notes or creations.
  7. Ability to use from a wholesome list of extras : Simplenote being an open platform application allows several other users to post their self created, unique extras that you can experience free of cost.
  8. Protected transfers : The notes of every users are encrypted with secure codes right during the time when you synchronies your notes.
  9. Completely free of charge : Software is a absolutely free of charges.
  10. Outstanding Ads : Unlike other application we don’t unnecessarily provide bulky, irrelevant ads that create more of an irritation rather than creating interest. If you are a premium customer then you would have the ability to terminate the ads.

Thus with the ever advanced features, Simplenote should be considered as one the most effective jotting application.

Download : Simplenote


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