Simple Task- Task manager for MAC and iPhone

Simple Task is a task list, without frills, which you can use for MAC computers as well as for iPhone. You will find it much easier to use Simple Task than most other well known task lists , to-do lists and GTD applications. In fact, using Simple Task is as easy as using paper and pen.

Simple Task manager

You will find it very easy to add a task, as this will require only the amount of information which you have. You can use this product as you would use any regular application , a menu bar application or as both a regular and menu bar application. Simple Task Software is a very convenient to do list for MAC and iPhones which you will find easier to use when compared to other task lists and GTD applications.

It offers you a very beautiful interface as well as an ease which is unparalleled when you are using your MAC computer. When using this software, you can decide which of the tasks are most important for appearing on your iPhone home screen or dock unlike other applications where every task is added to the red badge of the dock. You can also do everything in one click. There are no “Priority Level” menus which you have to click through when you are using Simple Task.

The most wonderful part of using the Simple Task software is the fact that you could add any task whenever the task happens to come up irrespective of whether you are miles away or you are sitting at your work desk. The Simple Task software allows you to add important tasks to the iPhone which you use with the help of syncing , and you can also have the exact same list which you have on your Mac computer. Simple Task also allows you to sync with more than one computer.

Features of Simple Task

  1. You can add a task by simply hitting the Enter button on the keyboard. After that you could type in your necessary information and then press the Enter button again in order to confirm. You will not have to remove your hands from your keyboard. Thus, adding tasks to your task list will be as easy as writing down your tasks on paper.
  2. Simple Task Software will allow you to decide which are the tasks which you wish to be reminded of.
  3. Simple Task Software sorts automatically by the very date which you create but you could also drag them into whichever order you wish to according to your priority. You could edit the tasks whenever you want and if a task gets deleted by accident, you can retrieve It in seconds to the Pending Task list.
  4. The Simple Task Software provides a very powerful feature for live search by allowing you to filter, using the Pending, Complete and the Now Color labels.

Thus, using Simple Task is much easier than using other task lists. Simple Task brings a native and intuitive experience to your Mac or iPhone tasks making your task organization very efficient.

Download : Simple Task for MAC OS X


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