Silver Catalyst – The Best Agile and Lean Project Management Tool For Great Teams

Silver Catalyst is one of the most effective agile project management implement which is a great boon for teams that follows lean agile methods. There are namely two teams called the Scum or Kanban. Silver Catalyst is the one of a kind tool that helps both the Scrum and the Kanban teams.

Why does Silver Catalyst support both the team?

In the present situation there is a rising probability of organizations securing members of both the Scum and the Kanban teams.

So a single organization would definitely be searching for a medium to cater the needs of both the teams. If a tool is received, which supports both the teams, then a huge amount of money from training or other investing activities can be saved.

So as the Silver catalyst team supports both the teams, an according tool has been designed.

Features of Silver Catalyst

  1. Provide Better Visibility – The Silver catalyst tool is built with the visual management tools. The specialized visual task board automatically informs you about the status of the work, the person who is working on it and even any errors if occurs. More custom features are available to further increase its effectiveness. All these customization features allows smart prioritizing and as a result it is extremely time effective.
  2. Enhance group effort – The Silver Catalyst tool does this function by presenting data and information in a fixed way such that right discussion groups or forums receive the right set of questions. Further you will be allowed to post comments and also receive notification alerts on the concerned.
  3. Eliminate extra costs – Silver Catalyst is very much cost effective and uses simple scripts thus eliminating the excess overheads ensuing in important expenditure and time reserves.

Features of Silver Catalyst for Scum team

  1. Create and administer large backlogs.
  2. Prioritize backlogs by just using the common drag and drop technique.
  3. Create and administer sprints
  4. Without human intervention create sprint burn down processes and also project burn downs.
  5. It also helps in creating velocity trends
  6. The smart caution system by design calculates your rate and will warn you if you exceed the capacity by any means
  7. Different features can be sub-categorized into tasks
  8. You can also keep a watch on the features and your tasks on the available taskboard.

Features of the Silver Catalyst for Kalban team

  1. Tailor your workflow and place works in process limits.
  2. Silver Catalyst benefits hard limits, as well as the skill to override limits to accelerate work.
  3. The blocked items or service class or the work item type can be easily distinguished with the effective usage of color and pattern schemes from the visual management system.
  4. Automatically produce cumulative flow graphs
  5. Automatically generate statistical procedure control charts
  6. You can sub categorize the features as the silver catalyst system supports a hierarchy level (two).
  7. Create and administer large backlogs.
  8. Prioritize backlogs by just using the common drag and drop technique.

Thus the above features ensure that the Silver Catalyst is a smart tool which helps you to increase the effectiveness of your project.

Download : Silver Catalyst


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