Show My Homework – free online school homework calendar application

Show My Homework’ is a trouble-free online School homework application which facilitates the school tutors to place homework, exhibit it in just a plain scheduled form, and facilitates assessing it online.

Show My Homework online school homework calendar

The website was initially laid down for the school named Henry Compton along with its group of society people, but has at the present become accepted amongst the educators around the world.

When you are having more than 20 classes in a week, it is simple to understand that things can be lost or forgotten. It can take place to the very best of us, particularly the learners.

You can allow them to present their homework online at any moment till the deadline occurs. This means that they do not have to carry it with themselves, or hang around in order to get a view of your presence for the submission.

They’ll be keen on the fact that they will be able to see all of their work they gave in along with their scores nicely prepared and exhibited.

Students can easily hand over their homework by utilizing their accessible social profile in order to get hold of ‘Show My Homework’.

This application has associated with the accepted services with the intention that the students do not require to make an additional username and code word.

if you are having students who needs support development and managing their times, ‘Show My Homework’ will be there the page they actually require to give a visit to observe all significant deadlines of the homework, class examinations, and their dates.

Features of Show My Homework

  1. Attach Files, Videos and web links – Make the homework questions exciting and attractive for the students.
  2. Reuse homework Questions  – Save huge hours of preparation time. Reuse your homework questions just with a click.
  3. Only for You – Your School’s extremely own calendar of online homework. Put it in a straight line on the website of your school apart from the blogs and VLEs.
  4. Invite for Contemporaries – Share the kindness of ‘Show My Homework’ with your work mates. They’ll surely be grateful you for it.
  5. Make it simpler for Your Society – Translate your homework in around 50 languages in order to facilitate the students and parents making it more handy with EAL.
  6. Ad-free Service – We dislike adverts! They tend to ruin the consumer knowledge we have created for you.
  7. Submit homework Online – Let the students submit their homework online. You can save hours and hours if you opt to work with this. Students can easily login via social networking sites like Facebook and many more. Marking homework will be fun again!
  8. Reuse – You can have a full access to more than 6,000 questions of your homework on each of the subjects created by the tutors from across the world!
  9. Homework Statistics – When you feel scared with your homework’s completion or get fed up with the questions raised by your parents, you can have a real-time admission to your homework statistics at school, showed in an illustrative, pleasant format. Get the print outs of the reports as PDF file.

Opting to work with this application will remove all kinds of hindrances related to your homework, its completion and submission to your teachers at school. Go ahead and get hold of it and make your life an easy thing when it comes to homework.

Download : Show My Homework


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