Scrivener for Mac – content-generation tool for writers

Grow your ideas with Scrivener in style. It’s an effective content-generation tool that helps writer to concentrate on composing and structuring long and difficult documents.

Scrivener for Mac

Not only that but it also gives you the power to systematize the formation of the copy with significant amount of concentration on the completion of the paper.

When it comes to Writing a novel, research paper, script or any other long-form text document that involves lots of texts is brain racking task till you meet the end.

Clubbing together the notes, thoughts and the contents to make it a luring one, the software of content writing starts working when more than half of the task is over.

In case of scrivener it stays along with from the very beginning till the end of your assignment. Helps you to gather ideas and to put them into a correct form.

No matter your ideas are in a group or not. It’s a collection of different content arranging tools which might be strewn away, but scrivener unites them.

Scrivener brings to you all that you require for forming and to pen down or to redefining any sort of writing in your group.

“Binder” is the option that is available at the left side of the application page that assists you all through the page of your document with great smoothness.

Scrivener also helps you to divide the content so that you don’t have to struggle with long rooted write ups. Reconstitution of the content is done by dragging and dropping it.

Decide on a part of your draft to make changes irrespective it’s in seclusion or not, apply Scrivener to labor with several portions of the content. Gives a broad image containing details of your work. Addition of charts, bullets, images and provides commentary as well as endnotes.

Format option on the head of the page, any sort of font style can be used for your texts and the reconstituting the notes helps you to accentuate more on the text than that of the appearance.

Features of Scrivener for Mac OS X

  1. It assists you from the very beginning of your content, starting from amalgamating the ideas till putting them into a shaped content.
  2. Provides you with all sort of tools to plan and redefining your draft with all necessary changes.
  3. No need of too many applications. The notes are stored in different modes such as PDF files, images, web pages, music files and movies. A scrivener displays you with multiple documents.
  4. You can hold an interview or any sort of interaction without giving a pause to your content.
  5. You can do the thought collection and writing part both at the same time.
  6. Import common text files such as .rtf, .doc, .docx, .fdx, .txt, .opml and .odt
  7. Easy to break up imported texts using the "Split at Selection" or "Import and Split" features.
  8. A virtual corkboard lets you rearrange documents using their associated synopses
  9. "Scrivenings" mode temporarily combines disparate documents into a single text for viewing and editing.

Scrivener delivers you with all the content writing equipment’s. The application guides you from opening till the end of the formation of your notes. You can link them with you iPod too for your project works.

Download : Scrivener for Mac


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