Top 10 Screen Capture Tool for Windows

Capturing our home screen is something everyone among us does once in a while. There are many tempting situations in our day-to-day life when we deliberately want to take screenshots of our device’s screen.

Whether a simple high score in a game or capturing web moments, every other random moment in our life deserves a screen capture. Another purpose of capturing screens is to create tutorial sessions.

What makes this screen capture more special is the high-end tools available to us. So here are the best screen capture tools for Windows.

Fast Stone Capture

Fast Stone Capture is a lightweight yet fully-featured screen capture tool for windows. Apart from this, the Fast Stone Capture tool also serves as a screen video recorder.

You can capture and annotate anything present on your screen. It can be an image, the screen itself, objects, menus, fixed regions, shapes, and the list goes on and on.

An additional feature of this tool is that you can record all screen activities, including onscreen changes, speech from the microphone, mouse movements, and clicks into highly compressed video files.

FastStone Capture

Light Screen

simple yet very useful screen capture tool allows you to save and catalog screenshots on your system conveniently.

Light Screen tool operates like a hidden process in the background and starts with just a few simple hotkeys. Whenever you capture something, it is saved onto the disk per your preferences.

The system tray icon is also available for this tool for easy access and initialization. Apart from this, five configurable actions are also available with this tool, and there are simple hotkeys for each action.

Every time you take a screenshot, we will provide a notification to you.

Light Screen


Snagit is the first tool that has made it to our list. It is the ultimate screen-capturing tool for windows.

With this tool, you can create eye-catching images and videos from your desktop. Not only this, but you can also create videos that can easily be shared and streamed online.

Apart from all this, Snagit is a highly customizable screen capturing tool to meet your specific needs or the needs of your entire organization. You can also enhance the quality of pictures by using this tool. – Snagit

Screenshot Captor

It is one of the best screen capture tools that you will ever come across. Using this tool, you can grab, manipulate, annotate, and share screenshots per your requirements.

This tool is amazingly different from other tools in this category. For example, you can take a lot of screenshots without any intervention.

This tool makes adding, editing and deleting text boxes, arrows, and other objects much easier.

For image hosting services, you can also use this tool to upload and share screenshots. Moreover, you can record videos using the ESR add-on and take snapshots using the webcam.

Screenshot Captor

Duck Capture

Yet it is another easy-to-use yet simple screen capture tool for Windows. Duck Capture has four different capturing modes, making screen capturing easier and a fun experience.

The options are endless when it comes to taking screenshots. You can select a region of the screen, the window on the screen, and even the contents of a full web page with scroll bars. It is one must-have tool for all Windows users.



It is another incredible screen capture tool for Windows. However, more than just a simple screen capture tool, it is a fully-featured pack of tools that includes a screen capture tool, color palette, protractor, image editor, color picker, pixel ruler, a whiteboard, and also a crosshair.

Another advantage of using this tool is that it is free of cost for personal use only.



The Jing screen capture tool for Windows is the third amazing tool that has made it to our list.

Jing is the perfect tool for you in case you want to speed up your online conversations. Now it is possible to create videos and images of whatever you see on your device’s screen.

Not only this, but you can also share these images and videos online in no time. All you need to do is select the portion of the Windows screen that you want to capture and mark it.

You are now ready to use the image in whatever way you want.



This screen capture tool for windows may be a little less featured, but this is a very handy tool for taking pictures of your device’s screen.

It is a very popular tool among Windows users but lacks the extra features available in other such screen capture tools for Windows.

You can create screenshots of a selected region at a very fast speed. Also, you can capture entire web pages by simply scrolling down.

You can also highlight some parts of the screenshot per your needs. This tool is very similar to the PicPick Tool and is available free of cost.


Microsoft’s Snipping Tool

Sometimes, the easiest way to save something on your PC is by simply taking a screenshot of it; this tool does the same for you.

Be it stories, recipes, book reviews, or some dress, saving it onto your desktop is now an easy task. You can take pictures of your entire screen, a portion of it, or a web page using the Snipping Tool.

Apart from this, the buttons on the snipping tool window make it easier to save and email these pictures to people on the internet.

So far, this tool is only available for Home Premium, Professional, and the Ultimate Editions of Windows 7.

Microsoft’s Snipping Tool


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