SantexQ – web-based task management and time tracking tool

SantexQ is a web-based time and task management tool that helps businesses of all types. It can be called with either name as SantexQ, or “the Q”. Task management along-with time is the most prominent feature of this tool.

SantexQ task management and time tracking tool

Several important aspects are generated or given that enables you to access all the critical information at one quick glance. This includes the progress made so far, the deadline for the project submission as well as the time and budget for your specific projects.

The program shows a time clock where the amount of time spent by each client for a specific task is displayed. Thus you will get to know how much time is taken by each client in-order-to complete a task. The several other characteristics of this program are as follows:

  1. Enables quick learning and usability.
  2. Customization of the user roles is possible.
  3. The overall situation of your business can be seen with the help of a Dashboard that displays all the in formations of your project at a mere quick glance.
  4. All the in formations related to the projected are displayed very quickly with the aid of a Project Overview.
  5. Assignment of tasks is possible.
  6. Reports can be generated with the help of Report Generator.
  7. High technical support is provided by this tool.

The accessibility of SantexQ is easily possible from anywhere as it is a complete web based feature. All the in formations are safely kept here and those are even preserved at the time of any disaster or catastrophe. There will be no problem in case if you make any update and the updates are automatically handled by this tool without any difficulty.

Simply you do don’t have to waste your precious time on making the update but they are done automatically. The program is very easy to use and there is no need to have any experienced training for doing work using this tool.

Features of SantexQ

  1. Set-Up is very easy : There is absolutely no need to enter into a prior agreement to use this Q. It is done very quickly and without any hindrance. There is absolutely no need to pay any extra fees and you are only required to pay the amount you use. You can start working on your first project after signing up with “the Q”.
  2. Dashboard : Whatever you do and whenever you do you are not entitled to forget the deadline of your project. Alerts are generated on the Dashboard regarding any upcoming schedule of project and tasks.
  3. Project Overview : All the in formations related to the projected are displayed very quickly with the aid of a Project Overview. The status of your project, the due dates as well as the tasks associated with it is displayed by the Project Overview.
  4. Report Generator : Reports can be generated with any kind of data that is stored with the aid of the Q’s Report Generator Client related Information as well in formations regarding projects and the types of task can be even generated by the Report Generator.

Thus SantexQ is a very unique web-based tool that provides great support in carrying out business tasks. The set-up process of this tool is very use as well its usability is very easily understood. It has a Dashboard that also enables you to remember easily the important dates of your project including its deadline. Thus, due to all these reasons its usability is increasing day-by-day.

Download : SantexQ


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