The Best 15 ruby on rails based CMS

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is one of the most demanding and widely used web application frameworks on the web. Since its initial years, from around 2003 till now, more and more people using the Ruby on Rails framework to build web applications and websites due to its many advantages and features.

Rails CMS : Top 15 ruby on rails based CMS

I am not talking so much about Ruby on Rails in this post, but I will talk about the content management systems (CMS) made on the Ruby on rails platform. Here is the Top 15 Ruby on Rails-based content management system.

Skyline CMS

Skyline CMS is easy to use, flexible, and highly expandable Ruby on Rails-based content management system (CMS).


  1. user-friendly interface for fast and intuitive management of websites
  2. Media Library
  3. Content Elements
  4. easy and fast development
  5. SEO-friendly CMS with valid HTML structure and relevant headings
  6. Easy to integrate external apps like SOAP, REST, XML, and CSV
  7. extensive search and indexing capability
  8. Multilingual

Skyline Rails CMS

Refinery CMS

Refinery CMS is a free and open-source Ruby and Rails-based CMS that supports Rails 3. it’s a perfect Rails-based content management system for small and medium-sized companies to create custom content manageable websites.


  1. Modular and extendable
  2. Design flexibility
  3. WYSIWYG content editing
  4. easy to use and simple to understand
  5. Image and File management
  6. Multilingual
  7. Slick and user-friendly interface
  8. Active user community

Refinery Rails CMS


Railfrog is a free, open-source, lightweight, user-friendly content management system written in the Ruby on Rails framework. With Railfrog, Anyone can develop well-structured, standard-compliant web pages or manage a website easily. – Railfrog Rails CMS.

Zena CMS

Zena CMS is a Ruby on Rails-based CMS which mainly focuses on usability and ease of customization and gives you a Web 2.0 style user experience.


  1. Multilingual
  2. versioned content
  3. XHTML based template engine
  4. groups based access rights
  5. virtual classes

Zena Rails CMS

Slate Rails CMS

Slate CMS is a Ruby on Rails-based content management system specially designed to build traditional-style websites.


  1. Multisite support
  2. theme support with Theme permission
  3. Role-based user access
  4. Per site dashboard to provide easy access to popular editing features and recent changes
  5. user-friendly URLs
  6. Drag and Drop Support
  7. Browse the website in edit View
  8. In-editor preview of the content

Slate Rails CMS

Ansuz CMS

Ansuz CMS is an open-source content management system written in the Ruby on Rails framework. It mainly focuses on modular and plugin-based design and offers many more useful features than any other Rails CMS. – ansuz Rails CMS


Adva-cms is a Ruby on Rails-based open source CMS, blog, wiki, and forum platform.


  1. customizable Themes
  2. Strong Spam Control
  3. Dynamic Role-based Access control
  4. Extensibility and flexibility
  5. Scalability and Speed
  6. multilingual support

adva Rails CMS

BrowserCMS – Ruby on Rails CMS

BrowserCMS is a Rails-based web content management system that gives you complete design freedom to develop a unique look and feel for your website. In addition, it has an easy-to-use web user interface that allows anyone to create and manage their websites.


  1. Completely Rails-based CMS
  2. Provide support for Rails 3.1
  3. Support for in-context editing
  4. Design friendly templates
  5. Support for Sitemap
  6. standardized ‘CRUD’ interface to allow users to manage both core and custom content types
  7. Content API
  8. Section and Roles-based Security
  9. highly configurable permission models to control editing
  10. publishing
  11. Full-page caching

BrowserCMS Rails CMS

Casein – lightweight Ruby on Rails CMS

Casein is a Rails-based open source CMS that allows you to create a lightweight, clean and minimal CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) interface for your data and a pre-rolled user authentication system.


  1. highly customizable UI
  2. User authentication and essential user management
  3. Content versioning
  4. user-friendly URLs

Casein Rails CMS

Locomotive – open source CMS for Rails

The locomotive is a simple yet powerful Ruby on Rails-based CMS that easily integrates with Heroku and Amazon S3.


  1. custom content types
  2. Multisite support
  3. liquid templates
  4. MongoDB database
  5. Nice looking User Interface
  6. support for inline frontend editing

Locomotive Rails CMS

Radiant CMS

Radiant is a no-fluff, easy-to-use open-source content management system specially developed for small businesses.


  1. elegant user interface
  2. easy to arrange pages in a hierarchy
  3. Flexible template system with Layouts
  4. snippets
  5. page parts
  6. custom tagging language
  7. simple user management and permission system
  8. Support for Markdown and Textile
  9. Plugin architecture
  10. Page caching system

Radiant Rails CMS

Webiva Ruby on Rails-based CMS

Webiva is a Ruby on Rails-based web 2.0 style open source CMS and website building tool that allows users to build custom websites.


  1. Built on the Ruby on rails framework
  2. extensible module system
  3. mainly focus on the look and structure of your website
  4. Extensible and Modular
  5. Built-in WYSIWYG Page Editor

Webiva Rails CMS

PersonLab Rails CMS

PersonLab is a personal website content management system (CMS) based on the Ruby on Rails framework. Users can quickly deploy PersonLab on the Heroku cloud server.


  1. Simple Weblog
  2. Single page website
  3. auto get the Twitter message on Homepage
  4. auto show recent Google Reader share
  5. Textile with Single page body format
  6. Support for Heroku cloud server
  7. Rails 3.0 powered

personlab Rails CMS

Station Rails CMS

The station is a Rails-based content management system and Distributed Social Software that offers all major features of Rails-based CMS, such as authentication, authorization, Access Control, roles, permissions, tags, Sortable lists for models, and much more. – Station Rails CMS

Blank Application CMS

Blank Application is the first open-source Rails CMS 2.0 framework that allows you to manage multiple websites, multimedia content such as articles, images, videos, User rights management, Web Statistics with Google Analytics API, RSS Aggregator, Newsletters, and easy to connect with OpenERP and SalesForce – Blank Application


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