10 Best Ruby and Rails Based Wiki Engine/apps

We already covered so many useful Ruby and Rails Based project management tool and Content management system (CMS).

Here is another Top 10 Ruby and Rails Based Wiki Engine/apps. All thus Rails Based wiki rely on Git repository to keep content fresh.

Ruby and Rails based Wiki Engine

Ruby and Rails Based Wiki Engine


Gollum is a simple Rails Based wiki Apps that totally built on top of Git repository which powers GitHub Wikis.

All Wikis are basically a simple Git repository that adheres to a specific format. You can write Gollum pages in a variety of formats and also edit them in a number of ways depending on your needs.

Gollum Wiki follows the rules of Semantic Versioning and uses TomDoc for inline documentation. – Gollum Rails Based Wiki


Git-wiki is a Rails Based wiki that relies on Git repository to keep pages history (Revision Control) and Sinatra to serve them.

Therefore you can use all the benefits of the revision control software via Git-wiki. it also provides support for Multiple markup languages via Plugins. – Git-wiki


Yet Another Git Based Wiki engine known as Olelo Wiki written in Ruby and uses the Catalyst MVC web framework.

Olelo Wiki provides support for variety mark up languages, tags, embedded TeX, and much more.

it has an extensible, hackable architecture and easily extended through plugins. – olelo Wiki

Features of Olelo:-

  1. Edit, move or delete pages
  2. Page attribute editor
  3. Support for hierarchical wikis (directory structure)
  4. File upload
  5. History, commit and diff view
  6. multilingual
  7. Support for many markup languages
  8. RSS/Atom change log for whole wiki or pages
  9. Section editing for Creole and Markdown markup
  10. Embedded LaTeX formulas
  11. Syntax highlighted embedded code blocks
  12. Image resizing, SVG to PNG/JPEG conversion
  13. Auto-generated table of contents
  14. Wiki syntax can be extended with tags
  15. Editor preview
  16. View pages as S5 presentation
  17. Privacy features: Access control lists, Private wiki which needs a login, read-only wiki


Instiki is a basic Wiki clone written in Ruby and mainly focuses on portability and stability.

it has an embedded webserver, so you can setup up an Instiki in just a few steps. Possibly the simplest wiki setup ever.

Instiki provides support for file uploads, PDF export, RSS, multiple users, and password protection.

Even Some people use Instiki Wiki as a content management system because of its ability to export static pages. – instiki Wiki

Features of Instiki:-

  1. Regular expression search
  2. Revision Control
  3. Export to HTML or markup in a zip: Take the entire wiki with your home or for reference
  4. RSS feeds to track recently revised pages
  5. Multiple webs: Create separate wikis with their own namespace
  6. Password-protected Pages
  7. Authors: Each revision is associated with an author, so you can see who changed what
  8. Reference tracker
  9. Three markup choices: Textile via RedCloth, Markdown with BlueCloth, and RDoc
  10. An Embedded webserver: Through WEBrick, it also runs on Mongel if you want to.
  11. Internationalization
  12. Color diffs – Track changes through revisions
  13. Runs on SQLite per default can be configured to run on PostgreSQL, MySQL, DB2, Firebird, Openbase, Oracle, SQL Server or Sybase

IRWI wiki plugin for Rails

IRWI is a Simple wiki plugin for Rails Based application that allows you to add wiki functionality to your Rails Based Application. – irwi Wiki


Signal-wiki is a simple yet easy to use Rails Based wiki engine. – Signal Wiki – rails wiki


bliki is a small blog yet simple wiki engine built on Sinatra + Stone.  – bliki Rails Wiki


RaWiki is a Ruby and Rails Based wiki application used as its own Rails application for public site wikis. It uses image captchas to prevent spam. – RaWiki


Ruse is a Ruby and Rails Based wiki Apps with a UseMod compatible rendering engine. – Ruse Wiki


Wiki2Go is a Ruby and Rails Based wiki system management tool that use Text Formatting Rules like Text Markup for stylizing your text, Internal Links to create links between pages within the same (sub)wiki, External Links to create links outside of the wiki, Formatting Lists to create bulleted or numbered lists, Formatting Tables to create tables, Embed Dot Graphics to draw graphs, Do Not Interpret to disable wiki formatting and Ruby Syntax Highlighting to format Ruby code nicely. – Wiki2Go

Features of wiki2Go:-

  1. Wiki Features
  2. Text Formatting
  3. Anti Spam Measures
  4. Diagrams and Drawings
  5. SCM integration

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