7 Best RSS Reader Apps for Android

Now a day’s most people are having smartphones with them and prefer to check the latest news on their smartphones only as they don’t have enough time to turn ON the TV and then watch out for news.

There are a lot of newsreader apps out there in the Google Play market and choosing the best one can be difficult sometimes.

Today we are going to share the best newsreader apps for your Android smartphone.

7 Best RSS News Reader Apps for Android

  1. Feedly – RSS reader app for Android

    Feedly is the news aggregator apps which helps you to browse the content of your favorite sites and RSS feeds. Are you having a list of your favorite websites? Just grab the RSS feeds of these websites and put them into Feedly and get the latest news delivered at your smartphone. You can not only use Feedly on your smartphones but can also use it on your android tablets for the smarter experience. Feedly is customized for all the tablets. You can share your favorite stories on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter with your friends. Save your favorite stories so you can read it later even if you are not having an internet connection. – Feedly

  2. PressReader – RSS News Reader App for Android

    If you are traveling and you are not having an internet connection with you, you can download the articles using offline caching and can get all the images and articles stored on your smartphone. So you need not worry if you are not having an internet connection with you all the time. One of the best features of the Press is that it is advertisement free. Most of the readers are having advertisements which annoy a lot. But if you are getting Press for your smartphone you need not worry about that. You can also zoom your favorite images and have a proper and detailed look. – Press News Reader App

  3. gReader – RSS News Reader App for Android

    gReader is available for both smartphones and tablets on the Google Play market and absolutely free of cost. You can download and install beautiful themes in the app to get an enhanced view. gReader also supports podcasts and you can download and listen to all your favorite podcasts. If you are having a list of your favorite websites that you like to visit every day mark them and check them daily just like your check your email. gReader is tablet-optimized newsreader that provides you a great view on your tablet. You will directly get the notifications on your home screen if any new story is up. There is one unique feature in gReader and that is Voice Reading which helps you to transform your text to speech.  – gReader

  4. Pulse News – RSS reader app for Android

    Pulse News is a great news app developed by Alphanso Labs. If you like to read a newspaper, blogs, and magazines and also like to spend some time on social networking websites this app is just perfect for you. Not having enough time to read a complete story?? Save it so that you can read it later. Share all your favorite stories on social networking websites with all of your friends. Check all the latest stories by just tapping on the Highlights Menu. There is one feature in Pulse News known as the Dual Mode. In this mode either you can have a brief look at your article or you can tap on the article and visit the website for getting the complete story. You can sync your favorite stories if you are using multiple devices without any problem. – Pulse News

  5. News 360 – RSS News Aggregation App

    News 360 is a personalized news aggregation app for smartphones and tablets. It attempts to learn a user’s interests by analyzing their behavior and activity on social media and create an Interest Graph and construct a unique feed of relevant content for each user. The App observes all your information like what you like to read and your favorites stories and will search relevant posts regarding your category on the internet and provide you with the best and latest news. You will get the latest stories from sources up to 50,000. Add the News 360 widget to your home screen and get all the latest news directly on your home screen. If you want to sync your articles so that you can read them anywhere just create an account with News 360 and sync your settings. All your articles will be saved on the News360 website and you can access them from anywhere and anytime using your tablet or smartphone. – News360

  6. Google Currents – News Reader App

    Google Currents is another great news reader app from Google which is available for android out there. Get all the latest articles on your smartphone just by selecting your favorite websites. Google currents include features like offline reading which helps you to read your stories even when you are not having an internet connection. Get news from the best publishers like Forbes, The Guarding, and Tech Crunch, etc. Use the fast scan feature to have a look at all the stories. If you want to move to the next edition of any story just swipe horizontally and you will come across the next edition. Translate the stories in your native languages and also share them on social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. – Google Currents

  7. Flipboard – RSS Newsreader App

    Flipboard is an RSS newsreader app that comes preloaded in many Samsung smartphones. All the news from your favorite sources is integrated with a great design which makes the app just look awesome. Select some of the categories and Flipboard will keep on flipping and providing you breaking news each and every day. Share your favorite stories on Twitter, Facebook and also see what your friends have shared from their accounts. Search for your favorite news using Keywords and hashtags. – Flipboard


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