Relationship 2 – contact and project management made easy for iPhone

The Relationship 2 application on the iPhone platform is a very effectual tool. It is from the well reputed house of Jumpsoft and this application is directed towards the management of personal projects and contacts.

It is mainly for the iPhone 4 users. The functionality is derived from the exact Relationship 2  application based on the Apple Mac .

Relationship 2

This application will let to have a complete control over your projects and contacts and also allow you to share the links, thus letting you manage your tasks, projects, contacts and events.

A business is primarily driven by your important contacts. Managing your contacts or the colleagues, clientele, partners etc. is very much beneficial for a business.

The relationship 2 app effectively manages all your contacts in a snap. Apart from the usual contact details it also shows the project or task that the contact is associated with.

With Relationship app, you won’t be facing the complexities while managing your contacts.

Features of Relationship

  1. Insight of the project- This is such a apps that brings together all your assignment at a singular focal point in merge with Relationship 2. The assignments are being merged with the associated programs and all the connected duties that are to be done. Affix pertinent book labels, mails, complex documents and texts to give shape to the assignment.
  2. Each assignment – Relationship delivers an effective process of managing diverse numbers of functions that one goes through in their regular exercises
  3. Incorporated Email feature- The Relationship app provides a simple and prolific means to converse with all your clientele, prospects, and contemporaries. You can incorporate all your significant accounts to send/receive messages unswervingly to the Relationship app. You will also have the ability of linking your mails with the projects or contacts. Email marketing campaigns can also be conducted.
  4. Bookmarking and Browsing – Integrated communication tools are of great importance in a to-do management system. Relationship not only has the common emailing as its communicating tool, but also has the features of bookmarking and browsing to provide much of an ease to its users.
  5. Sticky Notes- The common sticky notes can be created and associated with a specific project or contact as per your requirement. You can also use them for other purposes. This feature would serve you the best as reminders and will let you remember any significant things over a period of time.
  6. Proper Documentation of your important works – For further expediency, you will have the ability to add spreadsheets, text documents, sounds, movies and all your important files to this app. You will have the option of conserving them for the future and also you can link them up with your contacts. This also regulates effective collaboration.

With all such effective line of features, Relationship would be a great investment for every user.

With personal management tools that are taking a high toll in the market, Relationship would prove to be a lovely choice to manage all your appointments and to-dos.

Relationship is for your iPhone 4 which makes it a feasible application and you can access it from anywhere around the world.

Download : Relationship for IPhone


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