Redliner – collaborative document editing software

Redliner is a collaborative document editing software for word document meant to simplify group based editing for a word document.

Redliner - Group editing and Document collaboration tool

If you are looking for some effective solution to management and organization of important work-related documents, contacts, press releases, copy tasks, and also editing-related teamwork.

Redliner has been formed basically to simplify and stimulate dealings among public relations or IR concerns, advocates or law professionals, contractual or lease based business, editorial purposes, and also freelance authors.

Redliner offers you with a text editing window for smooth communication means with your business associates.

It eliminates the disorder and commotion associated with tracking some particular alterations in your work field. Its innate observation/reply interface assists proper alliance.

Redliner has been developed to make your business dealings as simple as possible.

It makes your business communications and project organization an easy process which leads to higher content quality and hence higher profits.

It saves a lot of time for you that would be wasted in useless file searching among the huge pile of your documents. Redliner arranges all your documents in a systematic fashion for your future reference.

It will help you get whatever you want by sifting through every document that has been saved and organized.

You can keep track of all the current and latest alterations in any document by using Redliner.

While you are using Redliner for performing some editorial task then it will pop up alerts on any issue regarding the editing process that requires notice and some correction before final approval.

An assembly editing device for collaborative projects and document sanction, Redliner is built up with some unique features.

Features of Redliner

  1. Redliner is an online word document processor which not only does all the normal editing operations but also stores the earlier discarded text version with comments of your document as well for relative purposes.
  2. In the dashboard of Redliner, you will be accurately reminded of issues that deserve some notice.
  3. After much discussion when you are provided with varied future changes regarding an issue, you can select any one by clicking only once on the dashboard.
  4. You can select a few members with whom you can work on your editorial genre together. This accelerates your project quite a lot.
  5. Its special feature of modification tracking is very simple and easy to detect and use. You can glide through all the changes in any part by using Redliner.
  6. If you want to share some information with some specific individual and not in the public forum then there is an option in Redliner for personal info sharing.
  7. You can collect people’s views on some topics and then conclude on a final decision.
  8. Redliner’s modified dashboard offers a comprehensive vision of recent activity across every document.
  9. In the viable Redliner beta release, SSL-encrypted security enhancement will be provided.
  10. You can acquire Redliner beta free of cost. Redliner users will have to pay a monthly charge per member and online payment services will be available too.

Download: Redliner

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