Redlaser Barcode Scanner and QR code reader For iPhone

Redlaser is an effective mobile Scanning application that compare and analyzing shopping market and give you proper product information using a mobile device.

Redlaser Barcode ScannerThe product codex determining system does work mainly with the zero- automatic point shoot camcorder & it continually formulating itself in context with cell display & viewing facilities.

The downloading rate of RedLaser App running above 9 millions, Redlaser scanning technology SDK, is present among the cell application counting to hundred. It is associated with eBay cell application.

It is found in android & iPhone arena. It also has the ability of checking out both 1D as well as 2D charter through Redlaser. One can view the outcome for UPC-e, UPC-A, EAN-13, EAN-8 even the QR-Codes.

Allow Redlaser to transform iPhone cameras to a smooth and trendy bar index analyzer & mechanism to compare the shop. If you going to purchase a book or any gadget related to computer or music system, etc.

just turn on the Redlaser and link it with the iPhone then place it in synch with the rate index. Within few seconds you are made available with every little details of the product along with its image and price rates.

Online product detailing is elicited from Google as well as Amazon. if you believe in haggling with the shopkeeper regarding the element you can provide him the details.

Even if then the shop doesn’t agree with you then you can simply prefer one of the online dealers for purchasing the object all done through your iPhone.

You can send mail to yourself for more inspection of the products that includes Google and Amazon list.

Features of RedLaser

  1. Rate Knowledge : Inquire the rates of the things you prefer through Redlaser & contrast the prices online and that marked in the shop. Find option provides with most affordable rates in connection with, eBay & Google.
  2. Simple Code Analyzing : Smooth & fast inspection of the codes, such as UPC,EAN etc. just lean your phone bring it closer the code box and then scan it.
  3. Electronics and Gaming Items : Find the newly launched games gets done at a click renders all type of reports regarding it. Cost and technicalities detail is being given.
  4. Store Search : merging with, the Redlaser can help you to locate the shops that are close to you with the stock of your preferred items with the desired rates.
  5. Search Libraries for Books : Scans almost every book, Redlaser assists you to find it in the neighboring U.S information center. It’s done by the dint of WorldCat the worlds’ capacious book catalogue application. Online book vendors are made available by Redlaser.
  6. Having a Barcode viewing problem : Not to worry, just a bit of effort to insert the different type of codes such as EAN, UPC etc.
  7. Scan Now, Save for Later : With RedLaser you can email yourself items you want to check out later. Send barcodes as an email attachment as a way to remind you or easily keep track of inventory.
  8. Scan all types of Codes : User can scan all types of codes – QR codes, UPC, EAN, UPC-E, and EAN-8 (NEW!) barcodes. Simply hold your phone steady, align the code in the box, and scan.

Redlaser is a device mainly apt for iPhone’s & cell phones to scan the price and index to tally it with the online as well as with different shop’s rates. Thus it is easy way to determine the component’s qualities for shopping.

Download : RedLaser


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