ReadyDesk – Online help desk software for customer relationship and service management

ReadyDesk is a web based help desk software whose features help in meeting the demands of business, irrespective of size and seriousness. ReadyDesk as a company was founded in Atlanta, GA in 1999 by a group of professionals working in information technology support, design and programming.


The company, after interacting with the people around, got to know about how terribly slow, wildly expensive and non use friendly some applications are. Therefore, they discovered a new product that had more features and was available at a better cost. With the efficiency of its working, this product ReadyDesk has become one of the most sought for help desk software in the realm of corporate houses.

ReadyDesk is used in the fields of technology, government, colleges and universities, public k-12 schools and private educational institutions, hospitals,private practice medical centers, U.S. military divisions, financial institutions, lumber companies, mining operations,engineering firms, printing companies, law firms, hotel and hospitality management firms, insurance providers. customers are able to solve their problems very quickly.

ReadyDesk is an online, web based software which helps in efficiently making your work easier by assisting in many management functions like ticketing, billing, creating news articles for better customer-administrator relations, time tracking, scheduling of reports among many other functions that this software undertakes to make your life simpler. Ready Desk has an online demo for first time users and it helps in issue Tracking and it considered to be one of the best Help Desk applications that can meet the needs of any business, large or small.

It helps in streamlining the support processes of companies so that the customers are provided with more satisfying results and also helps in call tracking. This way any company, large or small, gets to have its own web interface with facilities that enable them to function quickly and efficiently. The software makes it simpler for the customers with the Live Chat facility that enables the customers to communicate with their clients.

All that the customer needs to do is to have a Windows operating system and have sufficient disk space of over 900 KB. As a software available at  a surprisingly low price, the ridiculously high priced software(s) in the markets are making way for Ready Desk for its efficiency.

Features of ReadyDesk

  1. Automation – a technique that reaps quicker and more productive results through automatic usage of applications.
  2. Customization support is provided with the application.
  3. The application supports Database Management.
  4. If the user faces any kind of problem with the application, he or she can use the Live Support Chat.
  5. The user can also browse through the news updates and can reed the news articles too, here.
  6. The application supports Active Directory or LDAP Integration.
  7. The application features the use and understanding of many languages for the benefit of the global users.
  8. The application provides convenient Time Tracking support too.
  9. Remote Desktop support helps this application to access from any corner of the world
  10. Administration Console – is an interface granting access to the functions Administration Server both locally and via the Internet.
  11. Service Level Agreements – is a contract between a network service provider and a customer which specifies what services are to be undertaken.

With a demo version available on their website, ReadyDesk also sell their software at the nominal price.With its low price range and extreme proficiency, ReadyDesk has surpassed all other software(s) and has been reviewed as one of the best ones in its field.

Download : ReadyDesk


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  1. max

    Our office just implemented it. The opinion is, you get what you paid for. If you are thining to multi tasking with this app, stay out.

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