The Best 15 Ruby on Rails based project management software for Great Teams

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Here is a Top 15 free and open-source Ruby on Rails based project management software.

Redmine Rails project management


Redmine is a Ruby on Rails-based project management software that includes a Gantt chart, calendar, wiki, forums, multiple roles, and email notification. it’s a multi-platform, multi-database supported project management software released under GNU general public license v2.


  1. Support for multiple projects
  2. Roles based access control
  3. issue tracking and Time tracking system
  4. News
  5. Documents and file management
  6. Feeds and email notifications
  7. per-project wiki and Forums
  8. SCM integration
  9. Support for LDAP authentication
  10. Multilingual

Redmine Rails Project Management

Gitlab HQ – Rails project management

GitLab hq rails project management

Gitlab HQ is a self-hosted free project and repository management software written in Ruby on Rails and Gitolite.


  1. issue and merge request
  2. easy to browse the source
  3. SSH Key Management
  5. Control Repository Access
  6. network graph
  7. Code Snippets
  8. Administration
  9. Wiki support
  10. Issues

GitLab HQ

BetterMeans – Rails project management


BetterMeans is a Rails-based online project management software that helps you to track work in a command and control environment.

it’s an open and democratic project management tool for a social enterprise that allows you to work with your team in a more open and democratic way.

A user-friendly web interface provides equal voice and access to every team member to access information and agreed upon voting rules.


  1. Task tracking
  2. Participation tracking
  3. Forums for Discussion
  4. document storage
  5. Project News
  6. easy to export data into multiple formats including.CSV format.


Moo Agile project management

Moo is an agile project management software specially designed to run a color-coded, activity timeline-based agile project based on agile retrospectives. it’s a web-based application written in Ruby and Rails framework. – Moo

9arrows – Rails Project management

9Arrows rails project management

9arrows is an Open source project management software written in Ruby on Rails and ExtJS framework. – 9Arrows

Retrospectiva – Rails project management tool

retrospectiva project management

Retrospectiva is an open-source, web-based agile project management and bug tracking tool.


  1. Story management
  2. Goal Planner
  3. issue tracker
  4. Code review
  5. SCM integration
  6. Wiki
  7. The blog that helps development teams to work collaboratively on the project.


ClockingIT – Rails project management


ClockingIT is a free hosted project management, collaboration, and time tracking tool to manage team-oriented projects. it helps you to track all your tasks and time which you spend on your project.


  1. Handle unlimited projects
  2. Time tracking
  3. clean and easy to use user interface
  4. interactive Gantt chart and scheduling tool
  5. flexible reporting
  6. communicate in multiple ways
  7. easy to track and index all changes
  8. receive a notification via RSS
  9. email and iCal support
  10. support for Drag and Drop
  11. Ajax and Comet
  12. Multilingual
  13. Based on Ruby on Rails framework



colorplan project management

Colorplan is unique rail-based project management software that helps you to manage your project by using colors based on the project priority.

With Colorplan, every project has its own aging priority, when the project gets older it reflected on the interface as the projects’ background color.  – Colorplan


RailsCollab rails project management

RailsCollab is a free, web-based project management and collaboration software based on Ruby on Rails framework.


  1. password-protected Access control
  2. task management
  3. Timescales
  4. Milestone management
  5. File management
  6. Messages
  7. Wiki-style Collaboration



chiliproject project management software

ChiliProject is an online project management system that supports your teams throughout the complete project life cycle, from setting up and discussing a project plan, over tracking issues, and reporting work progress to collaboratively sharing knowledge.


  1. Project Planning
  2. issue tracking & progress reporting
  3. collaboratively knowledgebase
  4. track and control your expenses
  5. define role-based permission within a workflow
  6. free and open-source software released under GNU general public license version 2



Fulcrum project management

Fulcrum is an agile project management software that offers a real-time product backlog for your project plan, so the user can instantly adjust the project plan as per the Team’s prior performance.


  1. story-based task management
  2. Velocity & iterations
  3. prioritization
  4. story types



Oupsnow is a simple project management and bug tracker for multi-project written in Rails. user can manage several projects with Oupsnow. Also, manage ticketing system project by project. – Oupsnow


isotope is a rails based project management, Repository management, ticketing system, Todos, and GTD tool. – isotope

Ext rails ERP

Ext rails ERP is a Ruby on Rails-based project management, ERP & CRM system that have Rails as a modular backend and Ext.JS as a modular frontend. it’s free and open-source software released under GNU general public license (GPL). – Ext Rails ERP


ReruScrum is an open-source task and project management tool in ruby on rails. – taskrey

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