Explore the Top 15 Free and Open-Source Ruby on Rails Project Management Software

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Embark on a journey into the realm of project management with our curated exploration of the Top 15 Free and Open-Source Ruby on Rails Project Management Software. In the dynamic landscape of project execution, finding the right tools is essential for success. This handpicked selection of software solutions leverages the power of Ruby on Rails, offering a diverse array of features and functionalities to streamline your project management experience.

These software solutions cater to diverse project management needs, from task tracking and issue management to collaborative knowledge sharing. Join us on this exploration as we unravel the potential of each platform, empowering you with the tools needed to elevate your project execution to new heights.

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Project Management Software

In the fast-paced realm of contemporary project execution, Project Management Software has become a linchpin for organizations seeking streamlined workflows and effective collaboration. This digital toolkit serves as a centralized hub, integrating project planning, execution, and monitoring seamlessly. From task tracking to real-time collaboration, these platforms cater to projects of all scales, providing a scalable and adaptable solution.

Key features include task management, milestone tracking, and collaborative tools, revolutionizing traditional project management approaches. With advancements in cloud technology and artificial intelligence, Project Management Software has evolved to meet the dynamic needs of modern businesses.

Join us as we explore the efficiency, communication enhancement, and diverse functionalities offered by Project Management Software. Uncover the tools that can propel your projects to success in this era of technological innovation.

Redmine – Rails Project Management

Redmine, a multi-platform software under GNU GPL v2, integrates a Gantt chart, calendar, wiki, forums, and email notifications. Its features include support for multiple projects, Rails-based access control, issue tracking, time tracking, and more.

Gitlab HQ

Gitlab HQ, a self-hosted solution, combines project and repository management using Ruby on Rails and Gitolite. With features like issue tracking, source browsing, SSH key management, and a network graph, it’s a comprehensive tool for project collaboration.

BetterMeans – Rails Project Management

BetterMeans, an online project management tool, emphasizes an open and democratic approach. It facilitates task tracking, participation tracking, forums for discussion, and document storage, fostering a collaborative environment.

Moo – Agile Project Management

Moo, a color-coded, agile project management tool based on retrospectives, runs on Ruby and Rails. Its activity timeline and agile retrospectives provide an efficient web-based solution.


9arrows, an open-source project management software using Ruby on Rails and ExtJS, offers a robust solution for project planning and collaboration.

Retrospectiva – Agile Project Management

Retrospectiva, a web-based agile project management and bug-tracking tool, supports story management, goal planning, issue tracking, code review, SCM integration, and more.

ClockingIT – Rails Project Management

ClockingIT, a hosted project management and time tracking tool, features unlimited projects, interactive Gantt charts, flexible reporting, and multi-channel communication.

Colorplan – Rails Project Management

Colorplan introduces a unique approach, managing projects based on color-coded priorities. Aging priorities are reflected in the interface, making project management intuitive.

RailsCollab – Web-Based Collaboration

RailsCollab, a web-based collaboration and project management tool on Ruby on Rails, offers password-protected access control, task management, milestones, file management, and wiki-style collaboration.

ChiliProject – Complete Project Life Cycle

ChiliProject supports teams through the entire project life cycle, providing project planning, issue tracking, collaborative knowledge sharing, and expense tracking.

Fulcrum – Agile Project Management:

Fulcrum, an agile project management software, offers real-time product backlog management, story-based task management, velocity tracking, and prioritization.

Oupsnow – Simple Project Management

Oupsnow is a straightforward project management and bug tracker for multi-projects, allowing for effective ticketing system management.


Isotope integrates project management, repository management, ticketing systems, todos, and GTD tools into one robust Rails-based platform.

Ext Rails ERP – Modular Backend & Frontend

Ext Rails ERP adopts Ruby on Rails as a modular backend and Ext.JS as a modular frontend, offering project management, ERP, and CRM functionalities.

ReruScrum – Open-Source Task Management

ReruScrum, an open-source task and project management tool in Ruby on Rails, provides efficient task management for streamlined project execution.

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Final Thoughts

Explore these free and open-source Ruby on Rails project management solutions to optimize your project planning, collaboration, and execution. Whether you need agile tools, Gantt charts, or democratic project management, this curated list has you covered. Elevate your project management experience with these versatile and efficient solutions.

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