Qontext – The Best social collaboration platform for Teams

Qontext is a Enterprise grade social collaboration platform that enables people from all over the world to have contact with the people belonging to their company.

Qontext social collaboration platform

It is really a very easy to use social collaboration platform as you can even keep a contact with the people of your company even if you are not there, you can easily share your content, contextual conversations also collaborate across business applications. it provide enterprise-grade security and privacy options.

The concept of corporate social network is pretty well maintained by Qontext that also provides a very high level of security as well. If security is violated in any form an alarm is generated at that very instant.

The various activities that are done in your work groups, company or co-work groups are superbly maintained by Qontext.

Several applications of the business like sugarcrm, salesforce, etc. are also provide by Qontext that enables you to get alerts from the applications of configured business that is running at that very instance on your business.

Qontext is an app that is almost similar like the other social networking app such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, but the only difference is that it is basically business networking software through which you can connect to anyone within your company from any location.

This is indeed very ideal for that person who has to make and take decisions on a daily basis and who is always travelling from one place to the other.

The agenda provided by the company ensures that the person can easily see everything that is going on in his company during that span of time.

Several functionalities as well as features is being provided by Qontext that keeps the user interested as well as entertained.

All a very rich and powerful set of tools is being provided by Qontext that enables you to keep a track of all the things so that you can effectively respond to them.

Features of Qontext – social collaboration platform

  1. Updating Broadcast Status across your company.
  2. You can easily keep a track of all the changes that are taking place in your coworker activity feeds and company wide group.
  3. You are also free to post your comment on any other messages given by the coworker and you can also share their content.
  4. The directory of your company can be easily checked by you along-with the user profiles provided in a detailed manner.
  5. You can easily access the groups to which you belong.
  6. You can easily email, call or text co-workers at any time on any important activities or issues.
  7. A very high level of security is provided by this Qontext through the provision of SSL protocol.

This app is really very beneficial for all those who manage their business while travelling from one distant place to the other.

The various things that have been happening around your business can never be seen through your iPhone.

The tools provided by Qontext is really very essential in providing you the powerful features that ensures you a firm grip on your business even if you are not physically present in the company itself.

Download : Qontext 


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