PWGenerator – Easy to use Password generator to create strong passwords and Wi-Fi keys for Mac

With a remarkable rate of rise in hackers, it has been a mandatory issue for every online venture owners to create a high security password to protect all your vital documents.

This will not only protect all your documents from the hands of the hackers but also will give you a sense of security that all your financial and other important data is in safe hands.

Normal low encrypted passwords have high chances of getting cracked. But if you have a strong generated password with various combinations, it will be impossible to crack for any outsider even with high hacking knowledge.

PWGenerator will follow your criteria for the password and will create a highly encrypted one which you can remember easily and at the same time will be a tough nut to crack.

Often you may face the problem of remembering the hundreds of passwords that you have applied. PWGenerator has a feature to remember all the passwords that you have created and as a result you won’t be forgetting any of those.

PWGenerator for Mac provides you multiple passwords and from that you may select the best one that suites you. You may frame a normal length password or a long password. You will also have the options of generating WEP, WPA2 or even WPA types.

Apart from that you will have the ability of using small letters, capital letters, symbols and digits too. Create a perfect mix of it and generate a strong password.

After creation the PWGenerator would automatically show you the strength of the password and with it you may lock any of your selected data and information.

Features of PWGenerator

  1. Easy generation of WPA2/ WPA/WEP keys – You will have the option of creating WPA2 or WPA or WEP keys. Apart from that you will also have the ability of determining the length of the password i.e. whether it should be normal or long. Encryption can also be made in ASCII codes.
  2. With PWGenerator for MAC you will have the option of generating numerous passwords and from that list you may select the best one.
  3. PWGenerator for MAC also lets you check the number of probable combinations that may be framed following the allotted criteria. Thereafter you will have the full right to select the one that you find the most suitable.
  4. PWGenerator takes care of the aspect that the Small Letters, Capital Letters, Symbols and Digits are used in the perfect density as per what you have mentioned. It automatically creates an optimum mix of it and ultimately generates a unique password.
  5. PWGenerator takes care of the aspect that the password which had been generated in the lastly is utilized when you protect other applications. This feature enables you to utilize one foolproof password to protect all your applications and documents.

PWGenerator for Mac has all the important features that makes it a must try application to generate passwords to protect all your important data and application.

Download : PwGenerator


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