ProofHub – Online project management and collaboration software

Proof Hub is an online project management and collaboration software for working with the team members collaboratively. The application is a browser based application, hence, users can easily access the application from anywhere, anytime.

ProofHub Online project management

Proof Hub is a online project management that helps the user to manage project and collaborate with the team members at the same time without hampering work. The application is browser based web application, so users can easily access it from any location they want.

The application provides the users a freedom to work from anywhere and manage tasks along with the team members. Proof Hub, though being an online application, ensures full security to all the data and information stored by the users and keep them private until the user permits it to show publicly.

Moreover, the application can import spreadsheets, documents, drawings, PowerPoint, etc. from the Google docs of the user and can share it within the team members. The application is a very interactive tool for business collaboration and allows the users to exchange ideas and information within the team members and the clients of the users.

With Proof Hub, one can easily share any document of any format and file type and collaborate on changes done by using the proofing tool of the application. The proofing tool can also help in reviewing graphics, illustrations and designs easily. A very interesting feature of this application is- the users can easily hide the groups or team members from the client so that the client gets no update from the team member’s profile.

Time tracking is another useful feature of this application. Employers, employees, executives, managers and other users can easily track the time take to complete the project and can check weather they are running behind the schedule or not. Proof Hub allows the users to reply multiple messages or upload any file or document without logging in to the Proof Hub account.

Features of ProofHub

  1. Open source and online-based application- Proof Hub is an open source and online based application for managing and organizing projects online.
  2. Powerful tool for collaborating- The application is a very powerful collaboration tool for the users working with team members located at multiple locations. Users can easily collaborate with his or her team members and can easily assign tasks and discuss online to complete any project.
  3. File sharing feature- While working with Proof Hub, users can easily share multiple documents & files of any format and file type and collaborate on any change/s by using the proofing tool of this application. This proofing tool can also be used to review illustrations, graphics and designs of any given object quickly & efficiently.
  4. Casper mode- Users can hide their team members or project group from the clients and prevent the client to get an access of any team member’s details and updates posted.
  5. Time tracking- This is a very useful tool by Proof Hub, where the employers, employees executives, managers or other users can easily track the time taken by the project. This helps the users to understand the progress made and if they are running behind the schedule.

ProofHub is an application that proves its worth when the user starts using it.

Download : ProofHub


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