]Project-Open[ – Web-based project and service management system

There is a very close competition among several project management software that is web-based. The usability aspects of software are very different from each-other. The features of individual software’ are very different from each other but one such web-based software that is yet to receive ample recognition is the ]Project Open[ software.

project-open project and service management system

This is a project management tool used for business purposes having great versatility and wide usability. When you investigate new Systems for Project management you may use the software as its underlying scope is very high. ]Project Open[ is not a task scheduling tool. A number of processes are well-supported by this package of software.

The usage of this software along-with all its essential features is absolutely free. If you desire to take comprehensive service and training then you are ought to pay the additional fees. If the SaaS model is used you are not required to even host onto your server. The subscription depending upon the scheme can be purchased and this enables the members of] Project-Open [team to perform various tasks including update, setup or maintenance as well as permanent backups for your need. This feature can be accessed from anywhere and the only requirement for its usage is the internet connection connected to any computer.

The usage of this software is absolutely free. The way of its reporting and collaboration also satisfies the users of that software. This is pretty clean software where each element is distinctly segregated and so its usage is pretty simple and can be used by anyone.

Features of Project-Open

  1. Software as a Service – SaaS based : Project-open enables the business owners in giving a very close look at their own business activities.
  2. Management of IT roles is also performed here : Customers are thoroughly benefitted through the explicit use of this software. No effective installation is required for this software.
  3. Professional Support : The several issues relating to the product is successfully overcome by this software and so its implementation is very easy and simple.
  4. Subscription based support : The need of your organization as well as the budget constraint will be maintained pretty well by] project-open [At any feasible time the installation of this software is possible.
  5. ASUS Software Updates : Updates for your software are made automatically within the least time and the effort required for updating is also negligible.

Thus the features provided by this software are as follows:

  1. Provision of modules for] project-open [that are completely new.
  2. The functionality of the all the modules including the residing modules can be made more advanced by updating them.
  3. Fixation of bugs.
  4. Patches are provided for the purpose of security.

Project-open is software that includes a collaboration of both project management as well as business management and is believed to be the ideal for usage in organizations of medium size. The interface provided by this software is not only very clean and clear but also very appealing. Free customization is possible here. Thus, the final statement that can be made regarding this software is that is really very useful for business purposes and so it should be used globally.

Download : ]project-open[


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