Producteev – The Best online Task Management and Productivity platform

Producteev is a simple and smart task management tool that connected to your daily communication services such as Email, IM, Twitter, Desktop, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Google calendar give you update about your task.


The effort required for the management of these tasks is merely negligible and they are easily updated that ensures the important tasks never missed out.

The realization of creating a schedule came in them for the completion of projects and so they tried on all the applications related to the task management that is web-based, and for this purpose none of the available tools was found to be 100% effective.

Producteev contains many tools as well as applications that mark the uniqueness of this feature. Ignoring the materials being used by a team or a group, all the teams has more than two ways via which they can successfully communicate using the Producteev.

This allows everyone to update their tasks and also allows everyone to keep a track of the changing schedule. The access can also be made using the services of Mobile and this can received anytime and from anywhere.

The provision of a logo adds to the grace of Producteev. The color combinations being used here is very appealing and it is also very soothing for the eyes. The background is blue in color and there are also several other colors.

Any new user is free to get into the site and is also free to see the available tools that are needed for the organization of tasks and also enables the members of the group to work even more efficiently after saving the details of the organization.

Features of Producteev

  1. Workspace : Collaborative workspaces can be shared that includes all the features that are necessary for the efficient management of tasks. The other features are files attachment, tasks Calendar, deadlines, delegation, notes and many more.
  2. Overview : All the real-time overview can be easily seen and it also take into consideration the tasks that are to be done for the next time for each project as well as team with the integration of timelines, activity feeds and alerts.
  3. Easy to sync between Producteev and your device from everywhere to getting things done.
  4. Push Notifications give you alert every time when something important happens!
  5. Instantly add tasks, set deadlines, upload files, and more
  6. Decide which events you want to be notified about and receive the notifications in real-time.
  7. Smart Filter : Smart filter find exactly what you need using customizable filters that show you only the tasks you want to see.
  8. Easy to collaborate with your colleagues and start assigning tasks, creating labels, and collaborating on notes and files.

Team leaders as well as the owners of small businesses are free to create the account of Producteev. The professionals who prefer collaboration and perform frequent updates really appreciate these services provided by Producteev.

Download : Producteev


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