Plancake – GTD based personal organizer and online to-do list

Plancake is a PHP/MySQL based personal organizer and to-do list that is built on the Symphony , the enterprise-level Object Oriented PHP Framework.


The installation of Plancake is really very simple and the user is not required to have any prior knowledge about Symphony but if customization of Symphony is desired by you then you must have some knowledge on it.

You can easily use this web based application and its operation is also very easy. It has several rich features. Its usage is completely free.

The GTD methodology is well supported by this application that probably runs on any browser.

Features of Plancake

  1. Tasks – Each and everything in your project can organized by you using the facility of Inbox, lists, intuitive item reordering, tags, keyboard shortcuts, repeating tasks, an easy-to-use interface and a calendar. Thus the feeling of being the sole controller will certainly come in you.
  2. Notes – All the ideas as well as the notes of yours will be always available to you and it will be independent of the place. Images can add by you with the help of a Word-like editor.
  3. Getting Things Done (GTD) – The methodology of GTD can be extensively used so that you can achieve a stress-free productivity. You can easily dump your thoughts in to Inbox of yours; filter them by using the lists by tags.
  4. Email to Inbox Service – An item can be easily created via the process of email sending that will certainly contain an idea or a task to the email address of your Plancake. The email body can be even used as task’s note by you. If voice commands are supported by your device then you will certainly enjoy the facility of adding tasks that will use the voice of yours using this very service.
  5. Integration with Google Calendar – Google Calendar can be used for updating your schedule via Plancake as well as in the other way round that helps in the two-way integration.
  6. Android Application – Even when there is no internet connection Plancake can be easily used by you through your Android device. You can certainly check what needs to be done and tasks can be also added to your Plancake in this process.
  7. Google Chrome Extension – The rich extension of Google Chrome helps you to add tasks onto the website of Plancake anytime you can provide all your ideas even without leaving the webpage.
  8. Web API – Data can be accessed by the users through the aid of the tools provided by the Plancake which is nothing but an open platform. New applications are created by the developers of API and it also provides new ways that enables interaction with Plancake.
  9. Translations – The existing website can be translated the users through the use of this advanced system.
  10. Individually Optimized – A great degree of security is provided by the Plancake that enables sharing settings, privacy, or people accidentally making modifications to your data.

Plancake is pretty easy to use application that is of great use. The process of installation of this application is really very easy and the overall impact of this application is really awesome.

Download : Plancake – GTD based personal organizer and online to-do list


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