Plan it – Simple project planning and management tool for Mac

Plan it is one of the most effective project management tools for Mac. It is not only highly effective but also extremely cost effective.

Plan It for mac

Other management tools come at a very high price but Plan it is cost effective and at the same time it offers you incredible features.

The user interface is extremely user friendly and you can easily obtain the all important Gantt charts and customize it as per your required information.

Plan it has a special feature called the plan inspector with which you can check all the required information and data regarding your stipulated tasks, plan and even the resources. Plan it takes care of the aspect that your resources are effectively utilized.

You can easily check on the distribution of your resources when it is distributed among the several tasks of yours. The simple thing that you have to perform is open up the resource usage tab and thereafter clicks on the task that you want to view.

One important feature which other management tools fail to provide is cost highlighting feature. Plan it has the costing inspector feature which allow you to check every time the amount which is being spent on the different projects plus also many of the other required stats.

This is not only helps you to check your financial parameters but also allows you to take perfect control over your project management. You can as well take a look at all your stats against the real baseline or estimate snapshots which were made prior to the project.

Plan it also works on the styling aspect of each of your project too. Plan it allows you to customize your projects as per your requirements just with a simple click of the drop down.

You can choose from a variety of pre installed styles and also you can create your own styles or even you can import it. For creating your own style you will have to utilize the styling controls of Plan it.

Along with custom colors you will also have the power to alter margins, labeling, bar styles and also fonts; thus allowing approximately limitless approaches for your all important plan.

Features of Plan it

  1. Extremely user friendly and simple interface
  2. Real-time observation of resource usage and costing
  3. Snapshot project expenses at a choice of stages
  4. With no trouble export project stats
  5. Print layout outlook
  6. Export or email resource task listings in CSV, iCal or HTML format
  7. Updates of project web pages made easier by availing the system of HTML code exporting
  8. View significant path to finish or decisive tasks

With such outstanding features, Plan it would be surely of great help to all its users. It not only is cost effective but also provides essential features that allow you to take complete control over your project management aspects.

Download : Plan It


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