Plain Text- Dropbox text editor for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Plain Text is a simple dropbox text editor for apple mobile devices like iPod, iPhone and iPad. Developed by Hog bay software, this unique application enables to create and organize the documents in folders while syncing them with Dropbox.

Plain Text Dropbox text editor

This user-friendly application is very useful for keeping the files and folders in such a way that users can easily access them by just clicking. This tool is very functional to store various documents, various files, written codes, etc. While handling multiple documents and storing them for long, you may not be able to access the desired file when needed.

For that, you can use this Plaintext dropbox editor application that not only stores the files but also syncs it with the application so that the users can access it from choosing it from the dropbox. The ‘Folders’ option manages and organizes the documents, while the ‘paper-like interface’ keeps the focus on the user’s text.

The ‘dropbox Sync’ feature keeps the user’s documents always accessible. Users can easily rename the document by simply opening the document and editing it (document’s name) in the title bar. Other features of this application are- link direction, help book support, etc. Moreover, it also fixes minor bugs so that the work does not hamper. The layout is very smart and each and every tool is neatly kept organized. The black & gray interface is very basic and helps in easy navigation through the application.

Features of Plain Text

  1. Easy yet functional application- Plain Text- Dropbox text Editor is a very user-friendly application where storing of files and accessing it is made easy. This simple text editor helps in organizing the text files and syncs it with the application so that the users can easily access them.
  2. Folders support-The folders option helps in keeping all the documents well managed and organized.
  3. Paper- like interface- The Paper-like interface feature helps in keeping a steady focus in the text of any document.
  4. Dropbox Sync support- The Dropbox sync feature ensures that the documents stored in this application is always easily accessible and available for the user.
  5. Black on gray interface- The whole application is based on ‘black on gray’ interface that looks very classy and encourages the user to use this application.
  6. Easy to rename- Users can easily rename any document stored in this drop box text editor. For that, a document has to be opened and editing the name simply on its title bar.
  7. Fixes minor bugs- The application, Plain text, fixes minor bugs so that to ensure smooth operation.
  8. Available for no cost- The application is a freeware and is available with Apple mobile devices.

The application is very user-friendly and simple to operate, and hence, can be a very popular device for storing and easy accessing of documents. However, there are plenty of text editors available in the market with hosts of new features that win more marks over Plain Text dropbox editor.

Download : PlainText dropbox text editor


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