Pixorial – free online video sharing service

Pixorial has renovated the way videos are created. It lets people of all age groups share your videos and connect with their near and dear ones.

You can effortlessly upload, edit, manage, send, receive and share your videos captured in the past. So the time that has left so many fond memories can be shared with your family and friends. With Pixorial video sharing, you can relive those moments once again.

Pixorial online video sharing service

You can access your video memories anytime from any place. Whether you capture your videos with your phone, webcam, film, digital, or any other media, you can share them using Pixorial.

In addition, you can organize your videos and watch them from a single place. Pixorial allows you to edit your videos with many easy editing options.

Pixorial hosts many online editing tools, such as adding titles and transitions. In addition, you can edit the privacy settings of your videos.

You can decide who can access your videos. For example, you can create groups to view a certain video collection. With Pixorial, your video archives are safe and secure.

You can share your videos using different platforms. For example, with a single click, you can share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, Linkedln, MySpace, and YouTube. In addition, you can send your videos to others via email or make a copy on a DVD. Pixorial is available in three packages.

The free package has a 20 minutes limit. The Plus and Pro packages cost $9.95 and $49.95 yearly, respectively. The Plus package has a 1-hour limit, while the Pro package has unlimited capacity.

Features of Pixorial

  1. Pixorial is easy to start. You can avail of the online version or purchase the offline version, which comes as a collection of DVDs.
  2. Pixorial is not complicated for first-time users. On the contrary, it is simple and easy to start workings.
  3. Pixorial supports most formats of videos. It also supports Blackberry and iPhone applications.
  4. You can import your videos from anywhere. For example, you can upload your videos, transfer them from your mobile phone, or extract them from emails or Facebook accounts.
  5. You can export them to your Facebook account, Twitter, YouTube, Aim, Digg, and other platforms. In addition, you can send them through emails as attachments. You can also make copies of DVDs with them.
  6. You can tag your videos or keep them for personal viewing in your private Pixorial account.
  7. You can watch the Video editing tutorials to learn about the many editing options available on the official website of Pixorial.
  8. Pixorial assures the security of your videos. Your video archives are stored safely at secure, outmoded servers at multiple locations.
  9. To download any videos using Pixorial, you will need Adobe Flash Player and a fast internet connection.

Pixorial is an excellent way to connect with friends and families through video memories. With Pixorial, your memories are safe and secure and can be accessed anytime.

Download: http://www.pixorial.com/


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