PhotoSync- Makes wireless transfer of photos/videos within your iPad, iPhone, iTouch or Desktop

PhotoSync is an application that helps in making and easy wireless transfers within your iPad, iPhone, iTouch or Desktop. The user can transfer multiple images and videos at one go with PhotoSync application. A single tap on a button makes all image and video transfers quickly. The application also keeps a record of the device from where it has imported images and videos.


PhotoSync helps in synchronizing images and videos from PC to iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. With this application, multiple image and video files can be transferred at one go. Simply select the items you want to transfer and choose the target and your transfer has started.

Put the image and video transfer in the background and you will be able to receive phone calls too from your iPhone or play games in your device. Added to that, the application keeps a record of the device used in importing images and videos. Just a simple tap on the button transfers, imports and exports images and videos to your device without using any cable.

Features of PhotoSync

  1. Easy to transfer-The application makes image and video transferring quite easy just with a tap on the button. The user has to select the item which he wants to transfer, choose the target and the transfer starts.
  2. Unlimited photo transfers- There is no limitation of image and video transfers and the user can easily transfer unlimited number of images and videos at one go.
  3. Enables multitasking- The application helps in transferring images and videos without hampering other tasks of the device. For example, you can receive phone calls or play games while the transfer runs in the background.
  4. WI-Fi and Bluetooth-The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth feature helps PhotoSync to transfer images and videos within apple devices without using PC. So now one can easily transfer images and videos without using computer.
  5. Import directly to iPhoto- You can easily use drag and drop option to import directly from/to iPhoto.
  6. Upload or import pictures from/to web- Wi-Fi access of PhotoSync helps in uploading images and video easily from anywhere. Just open the web browser on any device and using Wi-Fi, view your images and videos from any corner of the world.
  7. Direct and easy upload to Flickr- The user of this application can directly access Flickr, upload images and videos there and share them to his/her community, relatives and close friends. PhotoSync supports direct Flickr upload.
  8. QuickBooks- Get a quick view of all your images using the ‘eye’ icon in the application.

PhotoSync is the first application that enables transferring images and videos easily without using wire. The USP of this application is its user friendliness which makes it a very useful application. In a way, it provides a freedom to upload and share multiple images/videos at on go.

Download : PhotoSync


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