10 best camera apps for iPhone

We don’t carry our camera with us every time, but we do carry our smartphones.

Now a day’s smartphones come with great cameras which help us to capture each moment of our life.

iPhone comes with a great camera and what makes it better is the apps that are made for its camera.

There are a lot of different iPhone camera apps. Today we are going to share some of the best camera apps which we can use on our iPhone.


Camera + Apps

More than 10 million people have bought this app from Apple iTunes App store for their iPhones.

Capture great images using Camera +. The app is suitable both for professionals and beginners.

Set the exposure of your photos by giving them dark or light effects. You can zoom up to 6 times using Camera +.

Easily share photos that you took using Camera + with your friends on various social networking websites. – Camera+

QuickPix Camera Apps

Capture images using Burst Mode and that too in the fastest full resolution using QuickPix.

Using the QuickPix app on your iPhone you will get one feature that was recently launched in Android smartphones and that being capturing of photos while you are recording a video.

Pictures are automatically clicked as soon as you launch the app if the QuickPic feature is enabled. – QuickPix

Hipstamatic Camera Apps

Improve your digital photography with a Hipstamatic Camera App for iPhone. This app is on a 50% discount right now on the Apple iTunes App store.

You can add a lot of different effects to your photographs to make them look better by swapping different lenses, films, and flashes.

Got a great picture? Share it with your friends and family instantly on social networking websites.

You can directly take printouts of the pictures using this app. – Hipstamatic

Camera Awesome Apps

Camera Awesome is by far the most powerful Camera Apps which you can use on your iPhone.

Take photos within the frame of seconds with sharper and better exposure. Use the tap feature to share your favorite photos on social networking websites.

You can set the priority of tapping for social networking websites, like tap once for Facebook, twice for twitter, and so on.

Want to focus any part of the picture? Tap once in that area and that part will be focused.

Camera Awesome comes with an inbuilt image editor which helps you to add more effects to your images. – Camera Awesome


GifBoom is a great app that helps you to capture GIF animated images using your iPhone.

If you are already having a normal image saved in your Photo Library you can convert it into animated one using GifBoom. You can even add glitter text on your animated images.

If you are having a video and you want to get an animated image out of it you can first convert it into camera roll and then into an animated image using GifBoom.

GifBoom supports both front and rear cameras. It comes with one tap feature to share your images on social networking websites. – GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera

Text Camera App

Text Camera is a new way to express yourself. Users can now easily add real-time text and filters directly to your camera.

There are a lot of different fonts, captions, quotes, doodles available to choose from them using Text Camera.

Choose from a variety of different filters to add to your favorite pic. Text Camera is a free app and there are some features that are locked in it.

Don’t worry as you need not pay to unlock these features as you only need to use the app more and more to unlock them. – Text Camera

8mm Vintage Camera App

This was the app that was used in the making of the Oscar-winning movie “Searching for sugar man”. Capture videos and photos in the old school type.

Mix up different lenses, filters and you can create a great environment of the 70’s using your iPhone. There are 7 different lenses to choose from in this app.

using this app you can even add the projector sound to your video clips which give them a more vintage feel.

This app comes with an inbuilt editor which will add effects to the videos which you have already recorded. – 8mm Vintage Camera

EyeEm – Photo Filter Camera App

If you are looking for a photo filter for your iPhone you should try the EyeEm photo filter app. This app comes with 17 different filters to choose from.

Create magical photos using these filters and you can bring the effects to your photos which you would have never imagined.

Let’s say you want to add a vintage look to your photos, select the vintage filter, and capture your videos and photos in vintage style.

Share your filtered images with your friends and family members on Facebook, Twitter, etc. – EyeEm – Photo Filter Camera


If you are looking for a professional app for your iPhone you should try Pudding Camera.

There are 9 different cameras and 8 different films which you can use to capture your images and videos. PuddingCamera comes with different effects which include fisheye and toy camera.

PuddingCamera also comes with a face recognition app so you need not manually focus on the faces.

Share and delete a batch of photos at the same time. Sharing made easy with PuddingCamera.

Share your photos and videos through mail and social networking websites. – PuddingCamera

tadaa – HD Pro Camera App

Tadaa is an ultimate camera app for iPhone which will help you to edit your photos and also capture new ones.

There are 26 High definition Filters (Retro, Black & White, Sepia & many more) available with this app.

If you are not sure if the filter you choose will make the image look like you expected then you can select the live preview feature and the edited filtered image will be displayed.

You can also add borders and frames to your pictures. Tadaa comes with a rapid capture feature which will help you to take a lot of images in a minute.

You can download Tadaa from the Apple iTunes App Store for free of cost. – tadaa – HD Pro Camera


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