Phone copy for Mac – Cross-platform Backup and Sync Solution

PhoneCopy is one of the best application to organize your phone data. It synchronizes your mobile device with Mac OS X and also create a backup file for your data like messages, contacts, notes, events, etc..

Phone copy for Mac

PhoneCopy provides unlimited, free phone synchronization, including cross platform devices, smart phones or even features phones. It provides real time access to all your data via the web browser.

All you need to do is create your own PhoneCopy profile. Once you are done with this, just sync your phone with PhoneCopy and you will never worried of losing your data again. All your data is safely backed up and boxed up in the Cloud.

Features of Phone copy for Mac

  1. Real-time access to all your data through the web – PhoneCopy app provides you with maximum speed and ultimate reliability. Your events, messages or contacts are delivered to as soon as the synchronization is complete. Unlike most other general backup utility software, you are not left wondering whether your data has been saved properly. PhoneCopy will distinctly show you on your profile the contacts, events or other information that has been modified or just show that the synchronization is perfectly complete. Even if you delete any of your data like tasks or notes or contacts from your mobile device, it will automatically be moved to the archive, which makes you stay connected to all your data, always.
  2. Cross platform – PhoneCopy utility works with iPad , iPod Touch, iPhone , Android, Symbian or brands like Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG or even the Mac OS X . Thus, no matter which featured phone or smartphone you are using, you can backup, synchronize and transfer all your data and access it from the Cloud through the web, anywhere anytime!
  3. Always online, always available – Unlike PC backup software’s, PhoneCopy is web based, thus allowing instant access to all your data anytime from all around the world. This means that as long as you have an internet connection on your computer, your data is always online and reachable. Likewise, your important data like contacts or calendars are always reachable and you do not have to worry about where you had left your phone or the backup copies of your mobile device. All data through PhoneCopy is stored on ultra reliable servers (Cloud) until you need to delete it permanently. Except for that, you will never again lose any of your data, even if your mobile device gets damaged, lost or you are in an emergency and you can’t your phone.
  4. Free and global – The signing up on PhoneCopy is free and you can perform synchronization as many times you want, anytime- anywhere. A working internet connection on your computer is all that you need to synchronize all your data.

Data backup is a very important thing in today’s world as data loss is a common problem faced by many users. There are a very few web apps like this available in the market.

Being web based, it is more beneficial than the regular pc backups as they are not permanent and any problem with you computer will lose all your data. But this being web based keeps your data safe in the server.

Also, this application is free of charge. So why not give it a try?

Download : Phonecopy for Mac


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