Password Pad for Mac

Password pad for Mac renders you with a platform to reserve any sort of data that you might want to hide from snoopy eyes. You can send several numbers of documents each along with different passwords to guard them and then to store them in single application.

According to the application designer the full version of the Password Pad for Mac equip with more protection in case of password usage than that of the free version.

The individualistic approach to shield each document is more than what we seek. Something more that the application gives you the competence to alter the text fonts, sizes, colors etc..

Password Pad affords you with the grounds to prepare multiple storage system with password for each of them individually. The chief quality of password pad is its uncomplicated user friendly format that helps it to offer for different kind of applications usage.

The storage format of your documents and files availed to you of your choice not of others’. You can easily reclaim those data that you want.

  • Furnishes and saves essential information, example website passwords, chronological application numbers even bank description all protected by a single password.
  • Personal diary system that others can’t access.
  • Email that incorporated with personal notes which one can acquire only through using correct password.
  • These are not the only features it has much more with it.

Features of Password Pad for Mac

  1. Attractive – Being an Apple product, the Password Pac application has the classy apple styling touch which attracts many user and adds up to the hassle free interface of the product.
  2. Simple, user-friendly interface – There isn’t any such complexities in terms of the user interface. Distinct functional buttons and simple accessibility makes it a simple interface.
  3. Useful internet features – Internet is a must feature that every application should connect to. The Password Pad for the Mac users is embedded with all-modern internet features that allow the users to walk along with the latest technology available and be secured with the latest security measures.
  4. Several alternatives for amassing all your data and information – Password Pac for Mac does not only offer a single space for storing all your important data, but it provides several degrees of storage space that too with different properties for the storage of your important data. Like if you wish to store your security codes or your bank details, you can encrypt the data into a safer place to keep it more secured.
  5. Supple printing  – The Password Pad for Mac also provides the effective feature of flexible printing.
  6. Supports nearly all file formats The Password Pad nearly supports all file formats. Thus any data of yours in any format can be kept secured.
  7. Password protection – You can even protect your data with a password for increased security.
  8. Password Generator – It also has a very effectual Password generator for creating extreme security level passwords.
  9. All the important dates recorded when ever anything stored.

With such helpful features, this application is a stealer and if you wish to meet a high security place to store your important data, this will be a very good pick.

Download : Password Pad for Mac


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