Text Based Productivity made easy with Paprika

To keep, store and organize your everyday schedule, list of things to do, meetings to attend, calls to make, plans to carry out etc. you need an efficient organizing tool that helps you with all of these.

Paprika Text Based Productivity

Paprika is an online tool for the precise cause. It is an organizer interface where you can store all your information, and then relate to it later, whenever the need be. Unlike other tools which have a fleet of buttons for different features you want to implement in your project, Paprika uses plain text as instructions to get your work done. Thus, it is much more user-friendly than most other such tools.

To keep your business up and running, one of the most important aspects that need to be looked into is whether the vital tasks are being carried out on time. Thus, it is very essential to keep track of the overall progress of all such tasks, schemes and projects, the best way to do it being the use of an organizer.

With Paprika, you can set deadlines or dates by or on which a certain task needs to be completed. You can easily view them on the Paprika window, and thus, stay aware of the situation you’re in, or the ones awaiting. Once you’ve created a project file, you can upload and share on the internet for your clients or colleagues. With the free plan, you get 5MB of free space for uploading files. You can easily increase your space by taking up the premium version of Paprika. Paprika also lets you work on multiple projects simultaneously. With the drop down menu on the Paprika window, you can easily swap between projects.

Features of Paprika

Going to the following features, Paprika proves to be quite an interesting tool to work with:

  1. To create a project, all you need to do is sign up for Paprika, and then create a new project in the main window.
  2. Paprika does not have any buttons. It uses plain text instructions.
  3. You have access to all your saved projects on the "Projects" drop-down menu.
  4. By using the "Dates" option, you can set dates, reminders and deadlines to your projects.
  5. In your project, if you start a line with a hyphen, it automatically becomes a "To-do" item, which you can view from the "to-do" drop-down box.
  6. You can share your files by going to the "Edit" option and choosing the option to upload files.
  7. You can delete unwanted files or store completed projects as archive files through the "Options" menu.
  8. Paprika uses a variety of common keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl S to save your file) which makes your work easier.

Paprika is set apart from other such organizer tools, being a mainly text oriented engine. It, thus makes information handling a lot easier, and keeps you on track.

Download : Paprika text based productivity


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