9 Best Microsoft Outlook Alternatives

The Outlook is one of the best email clients and the personal information manager (PIM) to manage and search your email, contacts, and calendar and keep up with social networks with Outlook.

Available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. But some people don’t like Outlook and want to use some alternative to manage their emails.

Today we have arranged a list of 10 Best Microsoft Outlook Alternatives, which can help you to organize and manage emails.

Best Microsoft Outlook Alternatives

Best Microsoft Outlook Alternatives

Opera Mail – Microsoft Outlook Alternatives

Opera Mail by Opera is a customizable yet lightweight email client that you can use as an alternative to Microsoft Outlook.

You can send and receive the email, regularly organizing them. Make the navigation straightforward by viewing email messages at the same time.

Organize your email messages by compiling them into threads. Sort your words by filtering them into different categories.

It has an inbuilt feed reader, which will help you to get the latest news from your favorite websites. – Opera Mail

i.Scribe – Free alternatives for MS Outlook

I .scribe a small but active email client and comes with an integrated calendar and database, which helps you to remember important dates and events.

All major webmail clients protocols provide support for I.scribe. It is a portable email client that doesn’t require any installation before use.

You can even use I.scribe from your removable drive. It comes with integrated spam filters that prevent the delivery of unnecessary messages. I.scribe provides you multi-language support. – i.Scribe

PostBox – Outlook Alternatives Email client

PostBox is a premium email client which is available both for Windows and Mac Operating system. If your main priority is to use Gmail, then you should try PostBox.

You will get a lot of features if you are using Gmail. Get a dedicated relevant section for your important emails. Send emails to your favorite ones and transform them into archives in just one step.

Access your account within seconds by using keyboard shortcuts, which designed to use with Gmail.

You can try the 30-day free trial of Postbox, and if you wish to continue the software, you can buy it for $9.95 for a month. – postbox

Evolution – Open Source Alternative email client for Outlook

Evolution is an open-source email client that comes with integrated email, address book, and calendar. All the GNOME users can use this email client.

Many email clients can lead to a pathway for viruses and worms to your computer, but Evolution is an email client that will prevent you from accessing the email and messages which can harm your computer.

You can integrate Evolution with your desktop and get notifications directly on your desktop. You can filter email messages yourselves by setting the filters by yourself.

Create your daily routine with the help of the To-Do List. Evolution is also compatible with various Palm devices. – Evolution

Claws Mail – Simple Alternative email client for Outlook

Claws Mail is an email client that gives you a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for a user to use and read your emails. You can easily configure Claws mail with your email account.

There are a lot of useful features offered by this software to increase your productivity and functionality. Get protected with the advances security features which you get with Claws mail.

You can import and export email messages from other email clients and also offer to add plugins that provide you extra features.

Get news from your favorite websites by adding a plugin for RSS Feeds. Mark all the important dates by using a plugin for the calendar. – Claws Mail

eM Client – Outlook Alternative email client

eM Client is one of the best Email clients for Windows. Users can easily synchronize emails from Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, and many more.

You can also easily import all the data not only from Outlook but also from other email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, and many more.

Want to search for any particular email? Use the advanced search function to get a track of all your emails.

Integrate your Facebook and Skype account with eM client. it available for free to download. – eM Client

Pegasus Mail – Best Microsoft Outlook Alternatives

Pegasus is one of the oldest and best email clients. It was first launched in the year 1990 and has served a lot of customers with their email client.

It is available for both Windows and DOS operating systems. You can get Pegasus mail for free.

It supports most of the email service providers and provides you basic features of sending, receiving emails.

Pegasus Mail supports multiple POP3 mail servers. You can also access the mail servers remotely with the help of Pegasus Mail. You can add multiple users to your Pegasus Mail account. – Pegasus Mail

Mozilla Thunderbird – Outlook Alternatives

You might already have heard about Mozilla. Mozilla has provided great internet products like Firefox, Thunderbird. Many of you might be using Mozilla Firefox Right now.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a fast and free email client that you can use to manage your email accounts. It is highly customizable, and you can modify it a lot as per your needs.

You will get a lot of exciting features in Mozilla Thunderbird. Mozilla thunderbird comes with an advanced mail account setup wizard.

With the help of this wizard, you only need to input your email id, passwords, and provider. Add and access contacts and addresses with the help of a one-click address book.

Mozilla Thunderbird comes with Activity Manager, which will record your interactions of Mozilla Thunderbird with your email provider. – Mozilla Thunderbird


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