OpusDomini for Mac – Personal e-planner and Task management tool

In the very busy schedules, planners act as a boon in simplifying the aspect of time management . It is the best way of organizing all your important schedules and make it sure that you don’t miss any of the events.

OpusDomini Personal e-planner for Mac

Opus Domini is one such e-planner that takes care of all your organizing aspects and frees you from carrying every time the big planners or the list of agendas everywhere, everyday.

OpusDomini Personal planner for Mac

You will be finding many such e-planners on the web, but what make OpusDomini stand out from the rest is its advanced design and also the extreme simple user interface that makes it easy for everyone to handle.

This app not only reminds you of your day to day schedule and important appointments but also remind you about any future important tasks or goals.

Another brilliant feature of OpusDomini is the inbuilt weather tracker that tell you about the outside weather condition so that you can plan accordingly and take prior preparations for that and if the level of importance is not so high, then you may call it an off.

One thing which lacks is the presence of a contact book. It does not have a contact page and so you would not be able to store contacts or neither use it for any reference.

Features of OpusDomini for Mac

  1. Daily Control – OpusDomini will help you to focus on you daily important tasks and make it sure that you complete all the significant ones in due course of time. Maintaining the events is also simple as OpiusDomini has the built in Drag and Drop system by the help of which you can only select your events and drop it on the required dates, after that the app will take care of all.
  2. Daily Records – Apart from assigning the important tasks, you will also have the ability of keeping notes on the right hand column of the planner. You will also have the ability of assigning graphs and pictures in your notes.
  3. Master Tasks – The tasks that are of a long run period can also be administered in Opus Domini. The app will provide you a weekly reminder of the work so that every week you keep in mind about your future prospects. You will have the ability of configuring the notification alert.
  4. Weather Info – This is one unique feature that you won’t be finding in other e-planners. OpiusDomini will be providing you daily weather reports so that you may take decisions depending upon the weather conditions outside your office or home.
  5. Goals – The future goals of yours can also be tracked.
  6. Multiple scheduling Views – You can also view your schedules in monthly or annual formats.
  7. Compass Section : With Compass Section of OpusDomini, user can easily add their activities in OpusDomini that will help improve yourself and become more productive each week.
  8. Meeting Planner : Easy to manage your Upcoming meetings and Appointments by just right clicking on your event and select meeting planner. you can set your agenda, material and preparation and your actual notes in Meeting Planner Section.

With such an array of highly effective features, OpusDomini is one such E-planner that will help you to effectively manage all your schedules and make it sure that you attain all your important stuffs and achieve every of your desired goals.

Download : Opus Domini Individual Management Control


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