Optimal Layout – ultimate window manager for Mac OS X

With the trackpad becoming the general mode of cursor control , handling the working windows of your computer like moving or resizing or even rearranging, it becomes quite uneasy when Someone need to work fast.

Optimal Layout window manager for Mac OS X

Optical layout is a ultimate window manager for Mac OS X that allows you to use the keyboard (or keyboard shortcuts to be precise) to control the various working windows of your computer.

The Computer mouse has been our friend for a long time for performing various actions on the computer screen like changing the current working window, resizing , opening a new window – all these and more with mouse clicks.

With new technology advancing, as notebooks replace the desktops, the trackpad are being the new and convenient technology but when you have to work with speed, it isn’t that easy.

Resizing separate windows evenly is an example of how tricky things can get with the trackpad. Even approximation of distances with the trackpad becomes tough for certain users.

So comes the newer and more convenient way of handling through different windows – Optical Layout, a Ultimate window manager for Mac OS that lets us control the different working windows using various keyboard shortcuts.

It might seem to be a bit tough in the beginning to memorize the shortcuts, but as you start using it, you will quickly understand the logic of the shortcuts and work becomes easier on your notebook.

So, after using the software for some time, the user will get quite accustomed to it and memorizing the commands would also be easy.

But again, for the users ease, Optimal Layout is providing a quick guide through the basic commands which can be accessed by just pressing the Option+K. So just install this application, press Option+tab (reveals the main window) and start working with the flow.

Features of Optimal Layout

  1. Switch tabs, applications and windows with previews.
  2. Type and search the windows list.
  3. The default tab commanded app switcher is replaced with Optimal Layout.
  4. Listing of tabs for Google Chrome, Safari and Terminal.
  5. Windows can be positioned on a grid using the mouse.
  6. Windows can be moved between the displays with a button, shortcut or even a three finger swipe on the track pad.
  7. Surf through the windows list and draw them into position (separately).
  8. Save the custom made window positions.
  9. Save new required window positions according to your workspace.
  10. Pre-defined window positions can be applied any time using keyboard shortcuts or buttons.
  11. Move and Resize Windows using the keyboard.
  12. Jump the windows to the screen edges, which fill half or a quarter portion of screen.
  13. Moving & resizing windows with the keyboard shortcuts can be done seamlessly without bringing up the Optimal Layout.
  14. A required window & the adjacent windows can be correspondingly adjusted in size.
  15. Smoothly moving across the screen will snap them into alignment.
  16. Customize the Optimal Layout according to your style.
  17. The size, font and color for the Optimal Layout interface elements can be altered.
  18. The window list, position buttons or preview options can be completely hidden.
  19. Optimal Layout can be set to ignore any specific window or even entire applications.
  20. All keyboard shortcuts can be customized.

Though the most of you are used to the mouse or the general trackpad, and the notebook users have to specially rely on them but unfortunately, even though it might get the job done, it can slow your workflow.

Just resizing a single window is quite uneasy. So, to keep up with the fast flow world, one must get used to the Optical Layout as it is sure to make your ‘window handlings’ much easier-all with just you keyboard.

Download : Optimal Layout window manager, for Mac OS X


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