9 Best OnLive Alternatives Apps

Best OnLive Alternatives Apps – OnLive is a trendy name in the gaming world. OnLive is a gaming service that is best known for making console-quality games.

The best part about OnLive is that it produces console-quality games and makes them available from the cloud of any nearby connected device.

It has undoubtedly changed the way the world used to see and experience games. However, it has also changed how visual computing is delivered to users.

Since there are few alternative apps to this service, today we are bringing you the Best OnLive Alternatives Apps.

Best OnLive Alternatives Apps

Stream My Game

Stream My Game provides the best platform for accessing your favorite games. Here, you can get free software for downloading and recording games.

You can then stream those games at your home and over broadband. It also allows you to play games remotely from your home/ workplace.

Apart from all this, you can also upload your recorded games and other files onto YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other similar social platforms.

You can broadcast games online so other people from your network can watch and enjoy them. It also allows the network members to create a forum and chat with fellow participants. – StreamMyGame

Game Tree TV

Game Tree TV is a smart TV that provides you with the most efficient gaming environment possible. In addition, it delivers some of the most popular and loved games to its customers.

What makes it unique is that it does all this on the existing TV experience of the users. It provides an interactive environment and helps in creating memorable experiences for users.

Game Tree TV also uses multi-screen technology to enable players to make optimum use of their handheld devices.

It is possible because while using their tablets and smartphones, they can easily use them as an additional controller or screen. – Game Tree TV

G- Cluster

The G- Cluster technology allows the users to take maximum advantage of the resources offered.

It lets you play your favorite games across TV and several mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

It turns the existing TV into an equivalent functional Set- Top Box with the added advantage of cloud gaming on their TV, smartphones, and tablets.

Alongside this, it also provides multiple portable platforms to the players. Moreover, it delivers games at low latency and inefficient bandwidths.

The fully reliable and high-definition architecture further enhances the experience of using the G- Cluster service. – G-cluster


Spoon is a web-based service that emphasizes creating computing platforms. These computing platforms aim to enable you to use files and software on your computer.

There is no longer the need to install software on your computer system. Yes, all you need to do is install it on your Spoon.net web-based desktop, and you can run all your software and files from your computer.

Also, you need not copy and email documents; all files will get synchronized automatically across all your devices.

The high-end technology in this service also allows you to use local printers and files remotely from the web-based applications you are a part of.

There is no need for administrative privileges or drivers for this service, and it works best through a small browser plugin. Spoon has become a perfect OnLive Alternatives App you must try. – Spoon


Gaikai is a service that has successfully redefined the way people use play as well as access video games.

The unique streaming technology created by Gaikai is based on assembling a variety of features to create a dynamic gaming platform.

A combination of various platform partners and expert management has made it the world’s fastest and most widely used cloud network meant for gaming.

The Gaikai service aims at making video games as accessible to people as movies and other mediums are today. – Gaikai


The Ubitus platform offers a highly easy-to-use control to its users. Also, it is the only cloud gaming network today that allows its users to convert PC and online games into formats that support cloud gaming.

The most amazing part is that this is done without changing the code. Ubitus is known for consuming very little power as compared to its rivals. – Ubitus GameCloud


Evolve offers a high definition of multi-player gaming facility to users. But this is one of many qualities this service has; it also boosts your games.

Additionally, it allows you to take screenshots and record videos of the game you are playing and share them with your friends through social networking sites such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, and others.

You can do all this without even the need to pause or leave the game. What else can we ask for, right? If you are tired of creating profiles on each site, then also Evolve is best for you.

It tracks your entire playtime in 3350 different games and allows you to show your achievements on several different sites with the help of creative badges. – Evolve


Gameolith offers a massive number of games and services to users. As a result, it’s a perfect Alternatives App for the OnLive platform.

It makes games available for several platforms, such as iOS, Android, Linux, and PC.

The players on Gameolith can choose from 3 different currencies to pay for their games, i.e., Euros, US Dollars, and Pounds. Also, they can change the site’s language into 21 different languages. – gameolith

Photon Game Manager V4

This program automates downloading games, game info, screenshots, box art, and other related stuff. Also, it systematically organizes them to allow smooth mounting and running of these games.


  1. The fullscreen interface enhances the game-playing experience
  2. Also supports a joystick, touch screen devices, mouse, keyboard, and gamepads
  3. Apart from this, you can also download and play cheats, manuals

Photon GameManager V4

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