15 Best online survey tools to Create Awesome Surveys For Free

Here are the best online survey tools for webmasters, marketers to understand the customer’s expectations, their Views about your product, so you can improve the product and meet their expectations and gain their business.


SurveyMonkey Survey software - SurveyMonkey Survey software

SurveyMonkey makes it easy to conduct online surveys and questionnaire sessions for free.

Create so many types of smart, professional surveys such as customer and product feedback survey, market research survey, employee satisfaction survey, Employees Evaluation survey, health care survey, Event, educational and non-profit surveys, collect feedback, analyze the current market, plan events and many more.

it provides all basic features of survey tools like customizable Survey Templates to look and feel like a part of your site, Different types of questions like multiple choice, Matrix of Choices, Rating scales, TextBoxes and demographics, advanced answer validation options and many more.. – SurveyMonkey


Zoomerang online surveys

Zoomerang allows you to create simple yet powerful online survey tools with expert survey templates and question banks.

Create surveys and send them in many ways via custom URL, Email, embed to your site, blog, and Facebook Fan page.

with advanced analytics, users can filter results and Cross Tab, create charts and graphs, and download data into multiple formats. – Zoomerang

Polldaddy survey software

Polldaddy - Best online survey tools

Polldaddy is the most powerful yet easy to use online survey tools build by Automattic Inc.

A company behind the popular blogging platform “WordPress”. With Polldaddy, Users can create stunning surveys, polls, ratings, and quizzes instantly and collect valuable responses via websites, Email, Facebook, Twitter, and iPad.

Polldaddy is a perfect online survey software for Educational institutes, corporate meetings, Employees and HR executives, Audience participators, and studies market research and customer satisfaction.  – Polldaddy

SurveyGizmo online survey

SurveyGizmo Best online survey tools

SurveyGizmo is an online survey tool and questionnaire for marketing, lead generation, and research projects.

it allows you to create surveys, landing pages polls, quizzes, contact forms, ticketing queues, and mobile marketing campaigns.


  1. Customer Support
  2. Survey Question Types
  3. Logic
  4. Branching & Jumping
  5. Actions
  6. Branding
  7. Distribution & data Collection
  8. Reporting
  9. Support for 3rd party apps integrations
  10. API & Developer Tools


QuestionPro online survey software

SurveyGizmo Best online survey tools

QuestionPro offers you a complete set of online market research tools for conducting online market research.

it gives you a platform to conduct online surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, market research, and employee satisfaction surveys to get instant feedback from customers and employees and analyze the survey results in real-time.

Also, online dashboards where you can easily access real-time reports, comparison reports, and survey trend report.

export your survey result report to SPSS (.sav format), MS Excel and comma-delimited (.csv) format. – QuestionPro

Survs online survey software

Survs Survey software - Best online survey tools

Survs help you to create an online survey with simplicity and elegance. it’s online survey tool and questionnaires where users can conduct online surveys, distribute them between visitors, and then analyze the survey result in real-time within a user-friendly interface. – Survs



PopSurvey gives you high-quality online surveys instantly. features included customizable design, Survey editor, Simple survey report, Support for Mobile surveys, survey templates, embed to your Facebook fan page, instant notifications, embed anywhere, survey player, Question Types, etc.. – PopSurvey

QuestionForm online survey software

Questionform Best online survey tools

QuestionForm is an online survey creator for creating, publishing, and analyzing online surveys and forms.

it’s very easy to use and intuitive, just drag and drop and start editing. no need to learn HTML for editing surveys.


  1. Real-Time Editing
  2. File Uploads
  3. Custom input fields
  4. Multi-page surveys
  5. Resume
  6. Strong Spam protection
  7. Multilingual Surveys
  8. Customizable Themes
  9. Custom URLs
  10. Easily Embed to any website
  11. Avoid repeated responses with cookies or IP addresses
  12. Real-time analytics & notification
  13. Easy to export survey data into various formats such as Microsoft Excel, XML, CSV, or TSV file format.




CreateSurvey is a web application to create easy to use online surveys. embed them to your website, Twitter, and Facebook fan page and easily track your respondent. real-time reporting and easy to export your data into multiple formats.  – CreateSurvey


eval.me Survey software

eval.me is an online survey tools that allows you to create a survey, email it to your customers, collect the responses, and make the charity contribution. – eval.me

Ana Survey

ANA survey Survey software

Ana Survey is a perfect online survey tool for individuals, libraries, chambers of commerce, universities, and students, etc..

Users can use Ana Survey to conduct customer satisfaction surveys, market research surveys, feedback, and employee evaluation survey.


  1. Ana’s interactive tutorials
  2. Question Types
  3. Modern Layouts
  4. Detailed stats & Reports
  5. Export your data into multiple formats
  6. Enhanced security with a password
  7. IP protection
  8. SSL encryption
  9. live Survey Preview
  10. Response Filtering
  11. Data anonymity

ANA survey

Rational Survey tools

Rational Survey - online survey software and questionnaire

Rational Survey is a simple yet powerful online survey tools to create, manage, and distribute questionnaires based on surveys and Polls online.


  1. Question branching
  2. Answer choice randomization
  3. Response Filters
  4. Survey Completion Reminders
  5. Survey progress reporter
  6. multilingual survey
  7. Twitter and Facebook integration
  8. Embed Popup Surveys
  9. Secure Surveys
  10. Share surveys analytics
  11. Anonymous Responders
  12. Questionnaire builder
  13. Sortable Response Grid

Rational Survey

Surveypal survey tool

Surveypal Survey software

Surveypal offers you enterprise-class feedback management and online survey software. it was specially designed for any types of companies from small to large scale.

Users can create a survey and get better and most accurate responses in real-time with visually impressive graphics. – surveypal

Survd online survey tool

Survd Survey software

Survd is a powerful yet compact survey app that allows you to create surveys which easily embeddable to your website.

create an unlimited survey and collect responses without recurring monthly fees.


  1. Truly Localized surveys
  2. Easy to create surveys
  3. Personalize your own survey with your own styles.
  4. Simple in-app reporting
  5. Easy to install
  6. A flat file-based database system


KISSinsights survey and feedback tool

KISSinsights survey - Best online survey tools

KISSinsights allow you to collect real-time feedback from your customers on your website for free. Users can control who sees your surveys and who are responding to your survey. – KISSinsights


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