8 Best Online Database builder/creators

An online database is a database that easily accessible from the web via a web browser.

it is totally different from any local database held on an individual computer. these databases are primarily delivered via a web browser and available in the monthly subscription.

Here are 8 useful Online Database builders/creators. Some of them are free and open-source and some are available commercially.

Best Online Database builder

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator Best Online Database builder

Zoho creator is an online database and custom application development tool that allows you to build an online database application to manage your business information in the cloud.

it has easy to use Drag and drop user interface to create form-driven applications also user can easily import existing Microsoft Access database Application to Zoho creator platform. – Zoho Creator


Lazybase Online Database builder

Lazybase is an online Database app that allows anyone to design, create, and share online databases.

it gives you a secret URL where user can edit their database, so no need to log in every time to edit your database.

features included easy to embed a live database view into any website, graphs, and maps, relationships, import from Excel, RSS feeds, and bookmarklets. – Lazybase


grubba Best Online Database builder

Grubba is a free online database app to create and manage your own customized personal online database in minutes for Home and Office use.

it’s a perfect free alternative for MS Access and Filmmaker Pro and much easier than any other database apps. – Grubba


Myowndb Best Online Database builder

Myowndb is a web-based, multi-user, multilingual database application that mainly designs to manage your data easily on the web.

it has easy to use and simple user interface where user can create, modify, delete, and search data once you have defined the structure. – MyownDB

MyTaskHelper (MTH)

MyTaskHelper 8 Online Database builder/creators

MyTaskHelper is an online relational database and web-forms builder to create a database.

No need to learn any specific programming language or web framework to work with MyTaskHelper.

Create, build, and customize forms instantly and place a widget code into your forum, blog, or webpage. – mytaskhelper


Caspio online database

Caspio Cloud platform allows anyone to create an online database, web database application, and web forms without writing a single line of code.

it has a user-friendly, intuitive user interface that helps you to create powerful online database apps that seamlessly embedded into your own website, intranet, and CMS. – Caspio

Dabble DB

Dabble DB

Dabble DB is a database application that allows users to build multiple database applications like charts, maps, and calendars from a single database or spreadsheet.

it uses a Point-and-Click user interface rather than totally depend on programming.

With Dabble DB User can easily import and export data in many formats. – Dabble DB



eUnifyDB is an on-demand online database app to create your own custom database application for sharing data, capturing workflow, and business processes.

features included multiple levels of access, security permissions, Match and sort data on specific criteria to get a quick view of important business data. – eUnifyDB


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