OneThingToday – The Best Time based Task Management for Mac

One Thing Today is an effective time based task management software which help you in managing time. With One Thing Today you can set your goals on a daily basis and get each day’s work done.

It is a simple and handy software with attractive features. It makes you job as simple as possible and also keeps track of time. It is a great time saver.

It has been designed for those who have to finish multiple projects simultaneously with in a stipulated period. It is for people who are willing to concentrate on one project per day.


One Thing Today helps you focus on one project everyday. It saves your time that is usually wasted on shuffling between multiple projects. You can schedule your time in a calendar format.

This lets you visualize your schedule for the next one or two weeks. Once you go to the sticky node you can only focus on the current day’s goal. This approach can enhance your productivity greatly.

It serves as a suitable option for those who have just enough time for single projects per day. It helps you to plan ahead and proceed toward completion systematically. You can download One Thing Today and use it for free for a period of 30 days.

Then if you want to use this software optimally you will have to procure a license. Licenses are generally valid for single users only. But this user can access his account from many computers. It is supported by Mac OS and it costs only $4.99. Thus it is very pocket-friendly and does not require huge investment.

Features of OneThingToday

  1. You can download the paid version from the official website of One Thing Today. It is simple to start using it. Its easy functionalities are its main attraction.
  2. It helps you finish your job within a limited period of time. It is very different from conventional task managing software’s.
  3. You can view your schedule in multiple calendar formats. You can see your agenda for the past week or the coming week.
  4. From calendar mode you can switch to the sticky mode. The sticky mode lets you focus on one single day generally the current day. You can also change focus to next day or previous day. The Tab and shift-tab are the shortcuts of these two functions. The Option tab lets you Insert tab in the current day.
  5. One Thing Today has been developed to manage single tasks per day. But if the situation demands you can also assign more than one task for a day.
  6. One Thing Today gives heavy discounts when purchased for educational purposes. Bulk discounts are also discounted.
  7. One Thing Today also has a non Mac application store version for Non Mac platforms.

One Thing Today provides the ideal solution for managing single tasks a day. It is simple and versatile in nature. It is suited for many types of tasks. It surely gets your job done. It guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Download : OneThingToday


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