OneNote Mobile for iPhone – Microsoft’s first Office application for iPhone

One Note Mobile is a notebook-authoring application used for iPhone. The application helps the user to create, add, view and edit lists and notes effortlessly. The users can include bullet points, photos, checkboxes and texts in the notes and share with their windows live account. They can also keep their files safe in their windows live account.

One Note Mobile

One Note mobile is also used to collect videos, audio recordings and handwriting. It allow you to create, view and edit lists and notes in the iPhone of the user. Powered by Microsoft, this application is one of its kind which helps to keep user’s files in sync online so that the user can access their files easily and edit them directly or indirectly from PC or phone.

The Quick note application helps in typing texts. The user of this application can create lists like checklists, shopping lists, make-to-do lists, etc. effortlessly using checkboxes, texts and bullets. The check boxes can be easily toggled on & off to check if the object is complete or not.

Features of One Note Mobile

  1. Helps create lists and notes – Microsoft empowered One Note mobile is a wonderful application to create, view and edit lists and notes.
  2. Use tools to create customized lists – Users can create customized lists using check boxes and bullets. With this application, one can create checklists, bulleted lists, daily task lists, shopping lists, etc. with ease.
  3. Add pictures – The user can easily add pictures from the stored images, web downloads and iPhone’s camera without any hassle.
  4. Organize or access notes from any device – The user can easily import or access notes from any device and can view it in any device. The application easily syncs the notes and helps in sharing them via Windows live account of the user.
  5. Organizing via PC – The application also gives a freedom to import, edit and view files to PC.
  6. Used to capture video clips, audio recording and handwriting – One Note Mobile is a unique application which helps the user to capture video clips, audio recording and handwritings with ease.
  7. Easy to navigate format – The simple interface of the application is based on easy to navigate format, helping the users to get the item as they click the search button.
  8. Password protected – One Note Mobile application is password protected that ensure privacy of the user.
  9. Smart layout – The smart and colorful layout helps to make the application appealing for the user.
  10. Plenty of features and tools – Plenty of tools and features help the user to use the application the way they want.
  11. Free trial – One can use the application on a trial basis for a limited period. Create a free account and your application is ready to use.

Powered by Microsoft, this application is one of its kinds that help the user the freedom to view, import, access, amend and edit files from any device. With this handy application, the user can easily share files, videos, audios, etc. with his/her windows live account. Moreover, the password protection feature of the application ensures privacy of the users. All these features of the application makes One Note Mobile stand ahead from the other note taking and sharing applications.

Download : Microsoft OneNote mobile


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