Online Business Management made easy with Octopus

Octopus is a Online Business Management solution that offers you a “simple web application” for manage your services provided by various syndicates available on the World Wide Web. It is an excellent platform open to companies ranging from the minutest corporations to mega corps.

Octopus Online Business Management

Octopus with its’ embedded application helps you to be in charge of your business online and allows you to systematize you clients’ information and distribute your tasks at hand among your community members effectively. Your administration over your business is simplified since this interface has integrated customer relationship management software that is far better than the stuffy and awful desktop software’s that are currently presented in the market.

Octopus serves you better by its integrated customer management (CRM) system which allows you to systematize your business processes by enabling collaboration which ensures you better performance. If customer relationship is an asset to your company then effective CRM system is your need of the hour. Octopus provides just that.

This platform also helps you to manage your task including their planning, execution and reporting the results, very efficiently. This helps you and the members of your community to collaborate and achieve your goals without any hassles. The flow of information’s, documents related to your business among your employees will be uninterrupted by the use of this application as it manages the workflow quite efficiently.Octopus has automated workflow management apps to ensure smoother circulation of documents and client information. You can evaluate your employees’ performance, provide feedback and affix and monitor goals which eventually enhance the productivity of the employees.

Features of Octopus

Octopus is equipped with special features that ensures professional management of your business-

  1. You can take a quick view of you upcoming business transactions and meeting through the integrated calendar. You can systematize your workload by an effortless “drag and drop interface” that ensures better business management.
  2. The integrated customer relationship management system assures better management of your business processes. This CRM system enables you to succeed by effectively managing your time, customers, and sales.
  3. You can control the flow of information’s of your clients, business documents and tasks from machine to employee by making full use of the automated workflow management algorithm of this platform.
  4. Effective task management is served as it assists you in managing all aspects of a task, including its status, priority, time, human and financial resources assignments.
  5. You can affix an estimate of time and cost which includes the budget and the potentiality of your business in the form of “Quotes” which eventually gets converted to work orders.
  6. You can be in charge of the jobs that your employees are supposed to complete within a specified time limit.
  7. You can procreate “Invoices”.
  8. These features are also available in mobile versions of this user-friendly interface.
  9. You can keep a track of the time required by your employees to complete a particular piece of job in “Time-Sheets”.
  10. You can make an estimate of your available work force and work in a way that you can exploit that workforce at maximum level.
  11. You can keep a record of your clients’ assets which will allow you to estimate correctly.
  12. You can keep an account of the goods entering the system and the services provided by your company.

Octopus with its fully functional, professional and apt features helps you in efficient management of your business. Customer Relationship Management is one of the most important aspects of business. By providing an efficient platform for managing customer relations Octopus helps you gain and retain customers.

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