OBM – enterprise-class messaging and collaboration platform for workgroup

Are you looking for software to organize your business? OBM is here to provide you with a quick solution. It is a right free software and can be downloaded from the Internet. Therefore it is pocket-friendly as well. Its design intends to equip you with secured and modular architecture. It incorporates latest open source web technologies. OBM offers enterprise-class messaging and coordination proposal for workgroup with thousands of users. OBM contains Groupware, messaging server, CRM, LDAP, Windows Domain, smartphone and PDA synchronization. The software helps you coordinate the working of your business in a simple way.

obm - messaging and collaboration platform

GNU or General Public License has given license to OBM. This license allows you to access the source code to search, alter or contribute to the up gradation of OBM. OBM is still evolving and bringing out newer features. OBM is undoubtedly one of the best of GPL enterprise-class email and Groupware solution face to Microsoft Exchange® or Lotus Notes®. Many versions of OBM are available on the Internet. The software does not require special skills for handling.

It has simple instructions which enable anyone to handle this software. OBM is a flexible software that can easily be modified to suit the needs of the customers. With added customization you can special features to your software. You can also upgrade to detailed versions. The costing increases with more sophisticated features being added to the software for personalization. It includes services like Postfix, Cyrus IMAP, OpenLDAP, Squid, Apache etc. It permits use of more than one language like PHP (IHM), Perl (Automation) and Java for synchronization and web services. OBM consists of multiple components that collaborate to work as a single unit. These components are- Groupware, LDAP, Messaging server, CRM, Project, Sync, Samba.

Features of OBM

OBM is a comprehensive collaboration platform which comes with a vast range of unique features.

  1. Groupware : OBM is based on Web 2.0 interface with Ajax Drag & Drop. It has shared calendars for users, groups and resources. It allows multiple views with multiple calendars. Some other facilities under are meeting scheduling, advanced resource management, fine grained rights management – Outlook and Thunderbird/Lightning connectors, Import / export ICS files, private and public contacts, tasks management. It gives alerts, handles exceptions ad shares documents.
  2. Email : OBM boasts of Webmail access, External clients with help from Outlook and Thunderbird, POP/IMAP/SMTP, Server side vacation message, Automatic emails forwarding and shared mailboxes.
  3. Security : OBM assures you complete data security through easy data backup, anti-virus & anti-spam, secured SSL access, mailboxes or global backup, security updates. Its availability ensures continuity of service.
  4. OBM also specializes in Windows PDC handling (through Samba), a fully integrated CRM and project and activity tracking.

OBM is a basic software. But its unique features allow you to get your job done smoothly in a controlled manner. It is a hassle-free way to organize your business and the huge numbers of users. So OBM is here to put an end to all your worries. OBM surely guarantees customer satisfaction.

Download : OBM – enterprise-class messaging and collaboration platform


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